Friday, November 27, 2009

Time Bandits

I saw the movie Time Bandits the other day. I had read somewhere that it was a "hilarious movie by Terry Gilliam, starring Sean Connery, John Cleese etc". I thought "hey that's alot of famous names, maybe I should give it a try". So I did and I warn you, it's among the worst spent 1,5h this month. No probably these last 6 months. I didn't have an issue with the actors or the effects, they were all ok considering the movie is from 1982ish. But the plot was really freaky. And not in a cool way like in Being John Malkovich but in a "wtf is going on?".
My "favorite" wtf-is-going-on-moment (here be teensy spoiler) was when the midgets (short people, dwarves, whatever you call em) jumped through a portal, landed in some water (well a sea really) and got fished up into a boat by an ogre who was gonna eat them. But they fooled him and threw him and his wife into the sea. Then suddenly as they thought they were safe they realise the entire boat is the hat of a giant. Who was standing in the sea. And who now walks up on land with the boat on his head.

It's like Monthy Python light all through the movie, but it isn't funny anywhere (well ok, there are actually some funny places) because it's not a comedy. Or is it? Well anyway it isn't wacky enough to be funny, like Monthy Python, or normal enough to be exciting.
I would recommend a movie if it was so bad it still had some entertainment value. I saw Re-Animator 3 some weeks ago and that is such a movie (I loved it tbh).
But Time Bandits is just boring. Unfortunately.

By the way, who would say such a movie was hilarious? Well I snooped around to see where I had read about it and found it - an ad in an ad-paper from a movie store. Figures.

Picture is from Wikipedia.

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