Monday, January 18, 2010

Flaws with the LFG-System

After some heavy pugging, as I am sure you've all done by now, I've noticed a few flaws with the LFG-System. Now don't get me wrong, the system is awesomely awesome, and one of the best changes Blizzard has ever done to WoW, if you ask me. Now I can effectively level my little druid just by instancing for example, if that is my cup of tea (and it happens to be). But nothing ever comes without flaws, and as we all know, talking about cons is way more fun than talking about pros.
There is of course the obvious flaw. When you pug something some of your members might be randomly picked (you can of course do an entirely premade group if you like though). And with randomness comes both the good and the bad. I've had two healers so far (both paladins by the way) with the legendary healing mace Val'Anyr. I've had tanks (not druids) with over 50k hp unbuffed. I've played with dpsers who do massive amounts of sweet dmg on everything and who even know how to use their other skills properly! And from the best I've had everything down to the worst, anyone who pugs regularly will encounter this prisma of people. Now I don't usually mind people being bad at playing, as long as the instance is still doable. The LFG-System won't choose undergeared people for certain instances either so you won't get stuck with a party of newly dinged 80's for HoR. But then there are the ones who might play well but who are just stuck up sons o' ...

I've had everything from death threats to minor curses. One of my favorites so far was a paladin tank who had a major fit at me when I kindly told him not to cast Exorcism in close combat, since it would prevent him from dodging/parrying/blocking and thus greatly increase the damage he takes. Since I was healing I quickly noticed what he was doing and hoped he'd be glad I'd helped him become a better tank by telling him something most people actually don't know. But no, of course not. He was outraged. Furious. I've never seen anyone tell me to shut up so many times.

As I told you here --><-- about when we pulled 15 pigs in RFK, the paladin healer bubbled me. One of the dps told him that would be a bad idea and something not to do in the future. That paladin had a fit as well. He said "I don't heal like people tell me, I heal like I want" or something like it in broken english. Well he'll hopefully learn soon enough. The idiots are avoidable though by, like mentioned, doing exclusively premades. I know some people who refuse to pug because they just hate ending up with idiots.
Vote to Kick
Another flaw I noticed was with the Vote to Kick system. VtK is overall a great idea, since it doesn't give people the power to kick anyone at their whim. It is similar to a system used in many other games, like Left or Dead.

But when doing an UK normal on my druid the other day however, I noticed a slight flaw with this system. Just after having killed the first boss we noticed that one of the dps was offline. I saw in my recount that he had been offline for the entire boss fight and so I voted to kick him so we could get on with the instance. He was kicked and immediately after another dps says "oh have to go to dinner, be back in a while" and goes afk. Now here comes the problem. To get another member everyone who is in the party has to choose a role for themselves. The person who was afk however failed to do this for obvious reasons. I thought "ok, we'll give him until next boss to come back". We ran on, with a little slower pace of course considering we only had one dps and myself doing dmg (I was tanking). Coming upon the next boss, the afk dude had still not come back. 15 minutes at least had already passed so we decided it was time to get rid of him. Click "vote to kick" and get the message "You can't engage more votes at this time". I wasn't in combat or anything. I asked the other two to try, they said they got the same message. So here was our dilemma - we couldn't get a fifth member because one of our member was afk and so we couldn't put ourselves in the lfg-system. But we couldn't kick the afk-dude either because we had already kicked a member! I didn't know you could only kick one member per run! What if there are two people you need to kick, like on that run?

There was nothing we could do. We had to suck up and run on on three people. When we were closing up on the last boss we gane the VtK another try, and this time it worked. It seems you have a timer for how many times you can kick someone, and it is once every 30 min or something. We got two new dps just before last boss who ran all the way, killed him and we were done. Easy kill for them. A solution to this problem would simply be that if you don't accept a new role you will automatically get whatever you've already chosen to get into the LFG-System in the first place.
Need before Greed
The changes to making Need before Greed the standard loot option kinda seems like a comment on what I wrote here --><--.

But other than that it works so so. There are, as I stated in above-mentioned post, times when people would like to need on something that isn't within their armor profficiency. A druid who wants a cloth item, a shaman who wants a leather item etc. These aren't strange happenings and even more important to be able to do when playing lowbie chars. One quasi-solution to this has been to greed and hope you win it. If you're lucky you won't have an enchanter in the group so whoever wins the item can trade it to ya. If you do have an enchanter however, all you'll get is a shard. A simple solution to this would be to make greed have precedence over disenchant roles. People who abuse this system could simply be kicked, but I think such a solution would definitely solve more problems than it would create.

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