Friday, April 30, 2010

Traveller's Guide to Molten Core

Considering Cataclysm will change everything I thought it might be worth it to revisit good old Azeroth again, to snapshot some of the more memorable places. I'm hoping this will give anyone who's never seen the places a chance to experience them as well as give those who've been there a billion times to feel a nostalgic tingly feeling. So bench down while I show you my vacation photos like an annoying relative ;)

We'll start off in Molten Core. I am not sure if Blizzard will change/remove the old instances, in fact I think they won't. But I still think Molten Core is a good place to start out. A lot of people have spent alot of time here. It was the first raid ever implemented in WoW and so it has a special place here. Blizzard managed to design some extremely annoying and difficult boss fights, with mechanics that still make some people wake in the middle of the night screaming.
Huge rooms, filled with horrible mobs is a trademark for Molten CoreGulp, get ready for Gehennas. He uses a lovely curse which reduces healing done by 75%. Good thing we brought a druid! Two actually.
Just killed Garr. Time to kill Baron Geddon and Shazzrah. I remember in the old days you usually pulled Geddon with a hunter pet into the room where Garr was.
Golemagg down! He didn't have a chance.Sulfuron needs a wooping too. His adds heal constantly, but their heals didn't help them much here.We just convinced Majordomo Executus to turn to the good side. It will be his doom.Majordomo is summoning Ragnaros for us.And here he is! Ragnaros himself. He will now reign destruction upon our faces. This fight is actually quite epic, even at level 80.Ragnaros is no more! We cheered and then we got back to our daily business.

I don't know yet where I'll go for next time. If you have some special place you'd like to see documented this way, just say so!
EDIT (1/5): I'm going away over the weekend so won't have time to write anything until next week. See ya then!

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