Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Traveller's Guide to A Love Story

Some people have a story, which holds little or no interest to people around them, but it's usually the most important story of their life. It's the Love Story. It can be a love story to many things, ones child, ones partner, ones favorite teddy bear. Common theme is that you think about it with a big smile on your face and it lies in your tummy as a happy force on bad days. Cheesy, sure. But it's still there.

As some of you might know, I met Love (which actually is his real name) through WoW pretty exactly 6 years ago. Looking back at it, it kind of freaks me out that we got together through such chance circumstances (alas, I don't believe in fate), and I wouldn't dare to think about what my life would be like right now if we hadn't met. I know, I know. I would probably be happy off with someone else, or happy alone. Or completely miserable. We just happened to play on the same server, on the same faction and ended up in the same guild. We just casually started a conversation as we often do with tens of players each day - but we both noticed something was special. This other person wasn't really like every other person we had talked to in WoW, this person was a little bit more interesting. Throw in the fact that we were both in relationships when we first met and you've got ingredients for some real drama, a love story worthy of its own Chick-flick!

This post is more for me than it is for you. I realized I hadn't kept any pictures of where we met, it's all in my head and we all know how unreliable that can be. When Blizzard announced that they would completely change the face of Azeroth, I at first didn't think much of it besides "oh, interesting!". And fortunately the important places in my Love Story have remained intact. I decided to make sure they stay that way by screenshotting them. So here it is.

I remember I was in Duskwood doing quests when me and Love first struck a conversation. We were in the same guild - Knights of Sweden (lame, I know), or something like it - and discussed how we'd best go about world domination. At that moment I knew that this was an interesting fella.

We both eventually left that guild and didn't think more about it. He was just another person I had talked to in WoW (albeit more interesting) and we probably forgot all about eachother. Then one day I was running to Desolace via Theramore to do some questing, and on the docks running passed me I saw a character name that I recognized. Normally I wouldn't have bothered to say anything, but for some reason I decided to whisper "Hello" to him. Maybe I remembered our fun conversation in guild chat some week earlier, and wanted someone fun to talk to while questing. He answered! And we started talking. And talking...

We talked for hours. About everything and anything. This is where he told me his name was Love, which I adored. Such an awesome name! I pictured him as this ugly, nerdy kid, pretty much like I picture any guy I randomly talk to in WoW. But he was witty and intelligent, something I didn't find often in other players.

We continued talking the next day, while I was randomly killing apes in STV, and we talked more about eachother. He seemed perfect. I remember how much I loved to see the notification that he had come online. I longed for it more with each day. I finally caved in and asked for his MSN. I had never asked anyone (except irl friends of course) for their MSN before. Ever. I think I was already in love with his personality, but when I got to see him on a picture for the first time I knew I was doomed - he was (is) a sexy beast!

We started hanging out more and more in game. He was level 60 (omg so cool!) and I had never gotten that far yet. He knew so much more about the druid class than I did, and explained how I would best gear up. He helped me out with difficult quests, like a real knight in shining armor. What better way to win a girls heart than helping her kill elites in WoW is there? (Take notes here guys).

This is where he gave me a Bouquet of Black Roses. They cost 50g and I knew that was nearly all he owned. Puppy love.

Since we both were druids we knew that we could always teleport and meet eachother in Moonglade no matter where we happened to be in Azeroth. We often met up here at the end of the day, saying goodnight to eachother. (And then we phoned eachother and talked all night instead. I seriously don't understand how I could work on 1-2 hours sleep).

And the rest is history :)


  1. Aaawww, sweet story, does it have a sequel?

  2. Truth be told, I'm a mushy person deep down inside and this was a sweet read, thanks for sharing it. I find lovestories over WoW quite fascinating really, especially if they seem to work out.

    In reply to that particular line, you know what's coming of course -

    "he was (is) a sexy beast!"

    - pictures or it didn't happen!! :P

  3. Nice story to read. Where an unexpected meeting can lead to. Did remind me to the way I met my love of my live, although in those days we'd never heard about MMO's, MSN, etc. ;)
    I may conclude that the line "And the rest is history :)" means that something has flourished between you two in RL?

  4. @Ironyca & Asverze
    Yes, after we had talked for about a month, we decided to secretly meet irl. No one knew about it. It was love at first sight! We lived 1000km apart at that time and couldn't meet often, but we soon moved in together, and have been together since :) People call us the mushy couple, because we're basically unseparable ^^

    Haha, must save some of my secrets left, don't I? ;)