Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spirit Kings 10 man Normal Discipline Guide

A little late video guide to healing Spirit Kings as a discipline priest on 10 man Normal. If I ever get around to doing heroic modes, this is one of the fights I look forward to trying the most actually, because in normal it is very simple but you can definitely sense some potential in it.


  1. Did you ever decide for sure if damage absorbed after maddening shout counts for the damage needed to break people out?

    Asking because this is a bit of a bear on heroic and I don't really want to have to experiment at that stage of the fight. If it doesn't count, wiping due to having to eat the absorbs and then do the damage would really suck since the madness guy is always last on heroic.

    1. I haven't done own logs for this fight, but asking around and checking forums, it seems like it should be ok. I can't see how it could be a problem myself, thinking back on how absorbtions have worked in the past and my fellow disc priesters say the same thing. Here are two references to check out;

    2. I can confirm that Spirit Shell and then Maddening Shout works out really well (heroic).