Monday, October 2, 2017

Quick Thoughts on ST Discovery Ep 3

Context is for kings.
Spoiler alert!

Episode 3 starts out a bit confusing but it gets evident fairly quickly that was the whole idea. At first I didn't really get why no one on U.S.S Discovery adressed the fact that the captain of the shuttle had just been killed seconds before they rescued them. And where did those little electricity mites go when the tractor beam was used? And why would the "goons" attack Burnham in a mess hall full of personell? And why say stuff like "have you ever seen a black insignia before?" when Burnham is literally wearing one? But like I said, some of it was explained by the fact that it all seems to have been planned by Lorca.

Nice tribble in his office btw. I don't think you could even see it in the first scene, but you could definitely hear it.

Not everyone likes Tribbles.

I immediately liked Tilly, but I can sense that she might be a divider - people will either adore her or get annoyed with her. She felt like a cliché and realistic at the same time to me, either way I liked her.

I thought about it already in the first two episodes but it really strikes me how much Lt Saru (Doug Jones) is like Abe in Hellboy. Makes sense since it's the same actor, they might even have wanted that vibe when they hired him. I don't mind really, I think Saru is a good character also and I hope he gets more character development as the show goes on, we got some hints as to his background in the first two episodes.

The funny thing about setting a show in between other parts of the series is that you know how this show can end. The whole thing about basically instant teleportation through spores (?) is an interesting one but anyone who has watched ST knows that this can't get very far into fruition since it's not present anywhere else in the timeline. Like, Voyager could've really used that technology...

Obviously this is an issue that has been pointed out before. Site to site teleportation on the Discovery? Do they even have that in the Original Series? They might (I can't remember off the top of my head) but it's a fact that Discovery which is set before the Original Series still has technology that looks a lot more advanced. Not to mention, like I already spoke about a bit in my previous post, about the changed Klingons. They did explain away the Klingons in the Original Series with them being a mutated strain, maybe that is a way to explain these as well? Doesn't really hold up if you ask me.

It used to be all in the moustache.

What was the reference to Alice in Wonderland about though? Was that only a way for them to be able to get a Spock reference in there? Of which I am sure there will be many more.

In fact, the whole ordeal on the U.S.S Glen seemed a bit odd to me. Fair enough that everything else that seemed a bit odd up until there had in fact been orchestrated by Lorca to test Burnham, but I doubt the murderous monster and Klingon corpses were part of that. Why did they not bring more security? Lorcas treatment of the monster afterwards, and the room it is in with a menagerie of monster-skeletons or whatever it is, insinuates that this is not the first time he has encountered creatures like that. You'd think they'd expect some weird shit to come out of an experiment that brutally kills the entire crew of a starship, and so send more than one person with some combat training. Lorca almost lost a whole lot of important people.

All in all there was a bit of silliness but that's basically every Star Trek episode ever. This took a fairly different turn all of a sudden, compared to the first two episodes, which I was hoping for and I am hoping they go more into the scientific route than the fighting route.

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