Monday, January 10, 2011

Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

I was lucky enough to finish Glory of the Cataclysm Hero and get the Volcanic Stone Drake the other day. I say "lucky" because unlike the last time I did an achievement like this, I basically got this on what we in sweden call a "shrimp sandwhich". That is without putting much effort into it. When I did Glory of the Hero I really busted my ass off to get all the achievements. This time I just tagged along for the ride and got nearly all achievements while passing by. Only for the last two achievements did I actually ask people to help me with them specifically, in all the other cases did I end up with people who wanted to do them or got them by "accident". Overall this metaachievement felt alot easier than the Wrath one, and the fact that I didn't have to lift many fingers to get them proves that. In a couple of cases I ended up in random pugs where the majority wanted to do them, and eventhough I didn't feel like it I decided to go with the flow. This is how I got all the achievements in BRC. In some cases I got the achievement from being lazy, like with I'm on a Diet. In some cases I got the achievement by doing the fight the easier way, like Ready for Raiding, No Static At All or The Straw That Broke the Camels Back. In some cases people did the achievement for me like with Extra Credit Bonus Stage and Rat Pack. Then I noticed that I only had two achievements in Throne of the Tides left for the whole meta achievement and when a friend of mine told me that those were easy I decided to get it all done.

Speaking of flaunting e-peens

I did feel like I as a healer rarely had to do anything special to get the achievement done. In a way that is both good and bad. I could ride on the wave of others, but on the other hand I had to rely on my party getting things done if I wanted the achievement. I could just keep them alive and hope for the best. I remember in Glory of the Hero there were a couple of achievements that rested alot on the healers effort, like Watch Him Die, Hadronox Denied and Zombiefest. Sure everyone had to pitch in, but if the healer didn't know how to handle heavy healing there was nothing you could do.

I won't attempt to write a guide on how to go about doing this. Exul wrote a really nice guide about this which was featured over at as part of their guide writing contest. If you're interested in pointers on how to go about doing this I suggest you check that out. Instead I am going to do what I did last time and comment a little on the achievements that I feel where the most noteworthy.

This mount is extra special since you don't actually ride on top of it, but underneath it!

Faster than the speed of light
Complete the Vault of Lights within 5 minutes of entering in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty

I like to do things on time. There are few things that can get me pumped up like knowing I've only got a limited time to do something and every effort is needed and every step has to be correctly done. It is something I enjoy much about raiding, and probably one of the reasons I like Conclave of the Wind. Timing the jumps, and using the right heals for each platform are a few things that probably will entertain me for a long time. This achievement isn't as difficult as timing boss skills in a raid, but it still requires you to think more than when usually doing this. For one you can't hope for a mana break during those 5 minutes, so spamming heals is not recommended (that is otherwise something I don't mind doing when killing trash since I can drink afterwards). This is how I prefer to do this room even if I didn't get an achievement for it.

It's Frost Damage

Allow three Freezing Vapors to cast Coalesce during the Admiral Ripsnarl encounter in Deadmines on Heroic difficulty. 

This is a funny (?) achievement since you actually are awarded for failing. I liked it because of the doom feeling you got when you knew everyone was going to die, and that that was what you were aiming for. Kind of weird. And definitely not an achievement you like to repeat. You CAN survive it, since you apparently can run out of sight of the explosion, but rest assured that someone (most of you) will die when you're doing this achievement. I'd really like to know what Blizzard is referring to with the title name too.

Headed South
Defeat Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, with 3 stacks of Lightning Charge in Lost City of the Tol'vir on Heroic difficulty. 

The way I got this achievement was quite ironic. I did a random heroic with a couple of friends and guildies and we got into Tol'Vir. A guildie of mine had been trying to get the meta achievement, and Headed South was the last one he had to get it. He had tried and failed already, so when we got to this boss he asked if we could do it. I really didn't feel like it. The way the described the tactics it would take 15 minutes, and I didn't think that sounded fun at all. I started whining, asking them to do it another time without me. I really couldn't care less. But my guildie pleaded, and everyone was set at doing it (a couple of others in the group needed it too) so I finally gave in. "Ok!" I said. "One try! But no more". And we failed. And I said that that was it. But they begged. So I gave them another try. And we failed again. And I said that I'd rather leave than do that all over again. Remember that was 15 minutes of waiting basically for each try. So they said that they'd do another tactic, one that wouldn't require all that waiting. We'd simply nuke the boss down. "Fine then" I thought, as long as I don't have to stay here much longer. And we nuked him down, everyone got ready for the achievement and BAM! I was the only one who got it. The guildie had resisted the last stack, and the other two had died just before we killed the boss. So I, the only one who really didn't want to do the achievement, was the only one who got it. Of course.

Straw That Broke the Camels Back

Defeat Earthrager Ptah while mounted on a camel in the Halls of Origination on Heroic difficulty. 

I liked this achievement since you got it from riding the camels, which is the best way to do this fight. Beside the fact that riding a camel is fricking cool, it also allows us to move while casting which is nice for a change. It's not like the fight is difficult and riding the camel or not riding the camel makes much of a difference, I just really like the mechanic of being able to run around and throw all of my heals. I'd really like it if they somehow implemented this into a raid boss, which required you to constantly stay on the move. Unfortunately you can't use pets for some reason when riding the camel, that is both hunter pets and the Shadowfiend, so they'd have to fix that first of course.

Druids never seem to be able to just do stuff the regular way.


  1. "I basically got this on what we in sweden call a "shrimp sandwhich"."

    räkmackesurfare där!

    On a less swedish note:

    I'm currently one achievement away from getting this. I have "Headed South" as the last one, which I've spent about 6 hours on now trying to get. Trying all sorts of different tactics, but every time we go for it, it's just so much damage that we all die immediately. Or if we just nuke everything asap we get within 500k hp of the boss and then we run out of the debuff. Sadface!

    Anyway, this is one of those achievements that will be trivialized with better gear so I'm sure I'll get it eventually.


  2. @Gav
    It greatly illustrates my luck with this. You can try as you might, but in the end it's the lucky one who gets it :P I remember Less Rabi was like that too (although then I was the unlucky one). Even when you had a shaman with Reverberation there were plenty of things that could go wrong. I felt like this was one of those - you just have to do your best and hope you're lucky. I really hated that achievement (both Headed South and Less Rabi) so I am damn glad to have it over with. Gear will surely do alot too.