Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tales from the Random Pug - 5th story

For once, this won't be a post about some awful pug I had. Actually my last post wasn't either. Are we seeing a betterment in the general puggers behavior? I am inclined to say yes. I actually feel like the increased difficulty of instances, even normals, have turned most people into friendlier and more skilled players. Ah, let me scratch that last part - they're friendlier, but not necessarily more skilled, and that is what this post is about. Partially. It is also a perfect example of another post I wrote about how girls use their gender as an excuse for being bad, and how this turns into an evil circle where people actually think they are bad just because they are girls. So there is a little sunshine and a little noobness in this.

I'm currently leveling three of my tanks, my dk, warrior and paladin and they're 83, 83 and 84 respectively. I only get into Stonecore with my warrior and dk, but that's another story. My paladin on the other hand is sometimes lucky enough to get into fairly easy instances like Vortex Pinnacle. Even a fairly easy instance as VP has some hard hitting mobs, and I usually try to cc as much as possible to ease things up for the healers (since I know how awful healing can be sometimes if you've got a tank who just rushes right in). We had a hunter and a priest for cc (the other dps was a warrior I think), so for the elementals we only had the trap and a root from the healing druid (a friend of mine). I decided to at least use the trap. So I marked it up with the usual square (you all use squares for traps right? Where does that come from anyway?) and explained the marks. And waited. Aaaaand waited. And started dancing. The hunter started dancing with me. I thought "Is he daft or something, or just being rude?". I finally said "Yes that trap means you, hunter." Finally something seemed to have clicked with the hunter.
"Awww" he says. "But I suck at traps". And apparently 'he', was actually a 'she'.
Well you can see the conversation that took place.

The last sentence is swedish and says "84 levels... no trap?". I was a little suprised.

I was put in the position where I could either
tell the hunter to L2P and get the heck out of my instance, or be patient with her and give her a chance. I decided for the second option. Partly because I'm such a great person *cough* and partly as an experiment to see what the trouble really was. Lack of confidence or lack of skill?

She got the first trap away perfectly. And the second, and the third. And I told her "well, you're clearly the trap master now". She never failed with the traps, so what was the problem to begin with? She told me how she had been kicked from her previous group to this instance because she hadn't done it before, so she kept thanking me for the patience I showed her. Although I do agree that people should know their class somewhat at level 84, and I would ask of someone to know how to cc, I don't understand why people have to kick left and right as soon as someone fails.

Interestingly enough however, the priest hadn't the faintest clue as to how to mind control. Not even after careful instruction did he manage. Well he managed to mind control for short periods once or twice, but we nearly wiped several times because I thought he had it when he didn't. So I decided not to use it. I didn't kick him! But in a tougher instance as Stonecore or Grim Batol, I might have thought about it. In a heroic for sure.


  1. The last time I used mind control before this expansion was on that fight in Naxxramas. I did well on that. Before that, I had never used it. I noticed when I used it in the last instance, once it was over it was over. There was no recapturing it. I wouldn't be too mad at a priest who couldn't regain control of their mind slave. They're slippery little buggers.

  2. It's surprising how many people don't seem to know about the CC their class has. But I agree that kicking them isn't going to make it better, when we're able to it's always better to teach them.

    I must admit though the "i'm a girl" comment really grinds my gears. So, what is she saying.. that because she's a girl she's automatically a bad player? I just hate that stigma and it sucks that other women even say it themselves *growls*

  3. I came here to post exactly what Saga said about stigma and women and letting the side down and all that lot.

    Since she's beaten me to it, um... /dance?


  4. @Shawndra & Saga
    I totally agree with you. Considering how Wrath was, and that you really didn't get much practice at all to cc, I feel like the normals of Cata are a great place to pick up these skills. I for one feel that I need to practice marking and doing good pulls (as tank) not to mention everything I have to practice on all my other classes <.< Like my druid friend said "if you pull, what can go wrong?". Eventhough normals aren't easy, you rarely wipe due to some mistakes.

    /dance indeed! The hunters comment also made me wonder about what would happen if someone were to say "I'm no good at this, I'm a guy lol". Maybe we should test it?

  5. Oh you've put an idea into my head now, Zinn.. I think I will have to do that now. I'm gonna have to go into a dungeon and say "I'm no good at this, I'm a guy lol" and see how people react.

    Social experiments ftw! ;)

  6. I am with Saga on this one. It sounds like she was using being a girl as an excuse and that's just no bueno. There's plenty of women in my guild and they're some amazing players... in ALL roles, not just healing.

    I agree that by level 84 she should learn how to trap, but as was said Wrath didn't have much room for CC. That said... CC isn't terribly difficult. Target a mob, cast a spell (or throw a trap), ???, profit! Hell, that's proven by the fact that your hunter did perfectly fine once you gave her the chance. I must say, though, that it's a good thing you DID give her that chance. You show a lot more patience than most people would.

  7. I think what this hunter was trying to say was that she was inexperienced, and she probably meant that in a wider sense of the word in relation to computer games. That's how I would have understood the weird "I'm a girl" statement.

    She might have been bad in our world because she didn't know her class etc, but what strikes me, is that her strategy was probably to avoid being bad, by not using her traps as she thought she would fail if she did.

    It annoys US, because we know that being female has no impact on skill. I just think she is largely unaware of what element she is in (thinks it's only dudes playing WoW), and to me, she sounds like a very new player.

    I.e. I think she hasn't been assimilated into the WoW/gaming culture yet.

  8. I automatically assume girls suck now until they prove to me otherwise.

    ps - You can mind control them off the ledge in Vortex, that is hilarious.
    But you miss out on epic lewts and rep.