Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's wrong with a little CC?

I've been doing a whole lot of pugs lately, and one thing seems fairly clear - people try to move away from cc more and more. And I really don't understand why. I can see only one reason in current content, people are lazy. And with people I mean dpsers.

There is one reason to cc - to save time. As soon as cc doesn't save the party time anylonger, I agree that it is wasteful to use it. In most instances all the way up to Cata, and even BRC and Throne of the Tides, I agree that most forms of cc are a waste of time. But in the instances beyond that, even on normal, like Stonecore, Vortex Pinnacle, Grim Batol, HoO and Lost City (bet I've forgotten one) there will be situations where it is a good idea to cc. Not because the group might not manage the situation anyway, but because it will be simpler and time saving. The question here is of course - simpler for whom? The answer is - the healer and the tank. The situation doesn't get simpler or more advanced for the dpsers, because they will do the same thing in both situations, dps their brains out. In fact, if anything, with cc around it might become more troublesome for the poor dpsers because they have to think about not breaking those cc and maybe even having to reapply them (which I've yet to see in a normal run, even when really needed).

And what bothers me isn't so much that people prefer to brute force things, I suppose it is inevitable. Humans always try to take the shorter path, even when the shorter path turns out to be the longer path. What annoys me is how people try to convince me that I'm the schmuck for using cc. Like "look at the idiot who thinks we have to cc these mobs". I don't think we have to cc them, I want to cc them. It's a world of difference. You might not be bothered much by the fact that there are two healers in this group of which both heal full health, but I know none of them will be interrupted by anyone else but me, and therefore I want one of them to be cced. Why is it so hard to understand, and to accept, that the tank and healer might not want to do things the most difficult way?

It reminds me of lowbie dungeons where people go "pull bigger groups" and I've written a post about that already. I don't pull bigger groups because I think the group can't handle it, but because I don't want to handle it. Each added mob is extra work for me, and it's only fun up to a certain limit. I don't mind having to handle the occasional overpull with 15 mobs out of which 5 are casters. That's part of being a tank. I don't, however, want every pull to be that way just so you can use your fancy aoe (and not interrupt anything).

Worst of all, when I throw in the towel and realize that these people won't do anything but dps, and do those big pulls, or pulls without cc and everything goes wrong - guess who gets the blame? Yours truly. "Wow that was a messy pull! L2P nub". Yeah... And I'm not the only one who feels like normals are for learning these kinds of stuff and that people don't seem to understand that.

I had a dpsers just the other day who behaved in this way, and when I explained to him that I simply used cc to make the pulls easier he kindly told me that tanking isn't difficult. Well I didn't say it was difficult, but it is alot more difficult than the ass-scratching that you're currently doing, especially since I as a tank was outdpsing you as well Mr Warrior, thank you for your sapient knowledge of my efforts.

Tanking is about helping out. You want me to position the mob, and keep aggro and do all the things that will facilitate your job as a dpser, but don't expect to do everything in your power to help me out as a tank? I just don't get it. It also means you can immediately spot the people who play tanks as their mains, because they will be those rare stars that actually make your tanking life easier (I had a great warlock in a group the other day who ccd when the shaman didn't know where his Bind Elements spell was, thank you).

I wonder how long it will take before dpsers realize that the fastest way to do an instance isn't to whine about the tanks performance, but to aid him in his quest to do his job. That means interrupting, ccing and yes believe it or not, doing other stuff than dpsing once in a while. Who am I kidding, I've been waiting 5 years for a change and things always revert back.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. My guild group of 3 other people whom I know in RL are just plain lazy and have been conditioned by Wrath to zerg pull whole dungeons and expect to zip through everything with no care but their own.
    After showing them how quickly they can wipe multiple times on a heroic by the tank dying on the first trash pull in Stonecore when nobody cc's within the first three seconds, they quickly learned to stop complaining about cc.
    Now if I can make the tank learn to pull back and do positioning stuff instead of expecting everything to be served up in a dish and all lined up in a row for him... (He complains that I'm marking for cc "all over the place" well that's because the casters we need to cc have spawned in that location in that position, lol)