Monday, March 14, 2011

My Gaming Place

Saga is doing her own "20 days of..." challenge. She put up a nice bunch of things to write about actually, and I was tempted to jump on the train, as many other bloggers have done. Just as with the Shared Topic of Blog Azeroth, this is a great way to have some fun stuff to blog about if you feel like your enthusiasm about WoW is running low. Fortunately my enthusiasm over WoW is high, and in the end I decided not to do the entire 20 day challenge. I will do this one however, because I've really been enjoying to see the gaming place of other people; What does your work (gaming) place look like?

So what do you see in this picture? I sit to the right, in the horribly hideous pink chair, and Love sits to the left. His chair might not be as ugly, but it sucks even more than mine does actually. First of all his seat is broken so that the foam rubber inside is falling out. Secondly his arm rests are made out of solid plastic which give him serious elbow pains. I just get back aches from my chair. As I've written in the picture, we did not pick out the wall papers ourselves. The previous tenant did, so they are brand new, but not really my taste. Unlike in our previous apartment, we actually get sunlight into our living room now. Previously we lived like in a dungeon because we only had sunlight some couple of hours early (I mean really early) in the morning. I didn't have to use a flash for this picture, which I definitely would have had to do in our old apartment. Donations for new chairs are welcome btw...


  1. I love the little comments on the photo *lol*

    I remember seeing that wallpaper as an option when I was choosing new ones for my place! I like brown, though more towards latte I guess.. but that one is just too busy in the pattern.. Repainting is always good ;)

    Not sure I could share a desk with someone. I'm very selfish and I have a tendency to spread papers and notes everywhere *lol* I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be appreciated by the other party :P

  2. Your tea mug is bigger than the food bowl!!

    I like the setup. My husband and I sit at desks opposite each other (but he doesn't game, we do work together though so it's good when I want to read blogs during working hours without him looking at my screen hehe)

  3. Hubby and I sit at separate desks next to each other, but with a walkway separating us. My desk is the catch all (reminds me, it needs cleaning), with hair brushes, mail, old batteries, dvds, tupperware orders, old homework, a murloc, and extra earbuds for my kids who always lose them. If he leans back, he can almost see my screen, not that I am hiding anything from him.

    I looked at your setup with him and he said, we'd never get anything done. I'd be blaming all my missed heals and low dps on him...and it would be true. Mr Octopus. He stays over there.<------

  4. Salt?

    I literally almost fell off my chair, thank you for that! XD


  5. Oh, this is a really cool idea for a blog post! I actually took a few pics of my setup, back when Beruthiel first posted her new layout and I just never got around to uploading mine to the Internet.

    But I must say that you have inspired me.

    Pics of my desk layout - coming up!

  6. Ah, count yourself lucky to have a desk and a chair! My comp lies on a low piece of TV furniture (the screen is also used as our TV screen), so I have to use a separate low table to place my keyboard and mouse and store them in a drawer when I'm done. A chair is way too high, so I have to sit on a pouffe!

    => Serious back ache!

    So I spend most of my time questing/buying-selling stuff at the AH/farming mats on my laptop.

    But I don't get to group that much because it's basically impossible to do anything serious in a dungeon with a laptop on your knees!