Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My UI - March 2011

Readers who have been following this blog for a while might remember that I completely redid my UI when 4.0 was released. That wasn't because I was unhappy with my old one, but simply because nothing of it worked anymore. I trashed it entirely. Since I, at the time, couldn't be arsed to redo my UI from scratch all over again, I decided to go with a ready-set one instead. I chose Tukui. Also, I replaced Clique and Grid with Vuhdo. Let's take a look.

This is what my UI looked like towards the end of Wrath. I liked it. Grid is nice and small compared to vuhdo which is alot bulkier. I used Xperl as unit frames and Dominos as bar mod. Dominos was nice because you could customize your bars pretty much the way you liked, moving the around the screen placing them where it fit you. The above was my healing layout, but I used another for tanking.

Here I chose to keep my main skills closer to my char, in the middle of the screen. This way I could easily see which skills were on cooldown. But then I had to change it all.

Messy eh? What is wrong in this picture? First of all, I feel like Vuhdo is taking too much space. Secondly. although Tukui is really neat and clean, it actually bothers me that I can't move the bars around. It forces me to place all my skills cluttered on the bars, and that's just not good. Target is at the bottom of the screen, which is ok, but I actually prefer it on top because the more thing I have at the bottom of the screen, the tougher it gets to target stuff behind me and move around. You will also notice that some bars are currently obscuring eachother, also bad (although not entirely difficult to fix).

I tried moving Vuhdo to the left part of my screen. It still doesn't feel completely right.

Then I realized I could just size down Vuhdo to be more minimalistic like Grid. This worked fairly well but I noticed one huge issue. Icons and things were still ok and visible enough, so was hp, but on the other hand the addon didn't always notice which character I was clicking on. Several times did it think I was clicking the character next to the one I was clicking on, which turned out to be quite dangerous before I understood what was the problem. I had to broaden the bars somewhat for it to work better.

Right now I am considering taking a couple of hours to rebuild my old Wrath-ui. Problem is, there are alot of things about Vuhdo that I really like. It is alot easier to use than Grid for one thing. Grid comes pretty "naked" which means you have to get extra features for just about everything if you want Grid to do that. That means Grid is small in itself, but also alot trickier to get to do what you want. Also it is basically like Grid and Clique in one, as the "clique" function is part of Vuhdo, saving up an addon (it wouldn't suprise me if Vuhdo takes more memory than Grid and Clique combined though, so this isn't a huge benefit). Vuhdo is very easily customizable, it also has a couple of smart-cast functions (like ressing out of combat). Oh the dilemma...


  1. I used Grid in Wrath, and I've been using Healbot in Cata. I haven't tried Vuhdo so can't compare.

    Healbot's smallest size is not all that small. So it won't solve that problem for you! However, it, like you describe Vuhdo, is much easier to configure. It looks nice and has good settings right out of the box.

    Grid requires painstaking configuration of every little stupid detail. It's one step shy of writing a personal addon from scratch. Each hot must be added explicitly, each debuff most be added explicitly, the debuffs must be updated as new bosses come out, and raid icons don't show by default.

    Worse, since I never had a lot of time to fool with it, it looked pretty ugly, too. What's the point of a video game that looks ugly?

  2. I dont like the configure menu of Vuhdo, my favorite raidframe ist grid since BC.
    I tested both and i needed the same time to get the same result.

    I have written a post about Grid, but only in german :P


    i have always the raid frames in the bottom center of my ui, i think this is the best place for a healer interface ;)

    Why do you need such a huge number of bottons, i think you don't need all the buttons or are you still clicking your spells ? ;)

    I play without the combat text, i think it is just spamming.

    Have uploaded my interface on wowinterface.com


  3. I can't really say anything about grid nor healbot, since I've never used them - I just love VuhDo too much. As Hoppe mentioned - raid frames in the bottom center works really well, at least that's the conclusion I've made after all these years :)
    Here's my UI: http://img851.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot031511103847.jpg/

  4. I have spent a LOT of time with my UI, I find that this setup works pretty well for me with my priest (healing) and my random DPS toons - its been OK for tanking at lower levels, although I haven't tanked heroics yet.

    I prefer Vuhdo for the reasons you mentioned, such as simpler way to show debuffs - I do change everything to icons, which is different from how you have it I think...

    Anyway, maybe it will inspire you to rebuild from scratch! Its definitely more fun that way :D


  5. @Ohken
    Yeah, that is what had me switch in the end. I really wasn't looking forward configuring all that sh*t again. Love did it the first time :P

    I like your ui actually, but I wouldn't have the healing bars so far down. I like them more towards the middle of the screen. As for all the buttons, you're probably correct. There are very few buttons I click (only my hymns basically), but all the buttons have been placed there because I had to at some point or another (then I'm just very slow at removing them again). That could be certain quest items from a quest I did months ago and so on.

    I definitely like how you've placed your skills. But I definitely don't like your healing grid ;) Why so wide? Why the fancy graphics?

    As with Gabbek above, I'm no fan of wide healing bars and I would probably make your healing bars about one third of that size. The less space they take the better! Otherwise I like it.

  6. Regarding VuhDo, it is what I use for a couple reasons.
    1. It works well, I like the auto-rez feature, which will be even awesomer come 4.1
    2. It is simple to configure, every time. I try different UIs often, have 2 testbeds for trying different addon setups without messing up my main folder, and VuhDo is easier to get back to "how I want it" every time, with ease.

    For you, I would really recommend killing the buff, debuff, main tank, and personal tank bar sets, I found them to be clunky feeling and more clutter than they are worth. For main tanks, just keep in mind their position, and be aware of when and if groups are reorganized.

    Also, I am in love with TukUI, it has become my go-to main addon, with just a few others filling in the gaps in functionality. I think Blizzard should employ them, and make it the standard UI. It is amazing.

  7. @Mfer
    I'd love to do that if I knew how! Please tell me ^^ They're up in that corner because I don't know how to get rid of them