Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yor'sahj 10 Man Heroic Holy Priest healing Video Guide

Here is my guide to healing Yor'sahj 10 Man Heroic as a holy priest. You have a few aces up your sleeve as a holy that are quite handy, as opposed to discipline, but I am sure this fight isn't too much trouble as discipline either. First of all you have the Lightwell for people to use during the mana void, also there is the stronger aoe healing during the aoe-damage phases, which can get quite intense. Overall I didn't much enjoy this fight as a healer, there are gaps of not much to do which I spent "helping" with the dps, and even the tougher parts of the fight weren't much of a challenge. Since I had just come from lots of wiping on Zon'ozz, a really challenging and fun fight to heal, I was somewhat disappointed by this. I think Hagara will prove to be more fun though.


  1. whats the second background track? it sounds like the sound made for all valve games

    1. Indeed it is, I think it is the intro song perhaps? The complete track list can be found if you go to the youtube channel, this particular song was listed as simply "track 1" for me.