Thursday, April 21, 2022

So WotLK Classic Has Been Announced

To no ones surprise (just read the comments on a previous post), Wotlk has been announced. I am happy, of course. Hype in fact!

But I can't help but feel, yet again, that Blizzard is rushing me. I took things so slow I enjoyed things so much in Classic that I had barely made it to max level when TBC Classic was announced. I really had to scramble to get myself ready for Outlands and basically missed out on all the endgame content in Classic, again! I didn't get to experience it the first time around and not this time either. 

Did some Dire Maul though.

To be fair I feel like the endgame content of Classic is slightly more difficult to get into as a super-casual as I am, even when considering Pugging seemed to be way more prevalent and successful than it used to be back in the day. But raids in Classic are massive undertakings that took hours on hours, whereas the introduction of 10-man raids yet again proved to be my ticket into that aspect of WoW.

I've got two fairly well geared level 70 now (and possibly more by the time Wotlk actually hits), so in that sense I am way more prepared for Wotlk than I was for Outlands. I can actually run off to the Howling Fjord straight away this time, which I also intend on doing. While tanking is ok in TBC (it was pretty bad in Classic) I recall it as being an absolute joy in Wrath and I am really looking forward to getting into that again.

But even though I am better off and better prepared this time around I still don't feel like I am anywhere near done with TBC Classic yet. I know there are still going to be several months before the actual release so I can't say for sure that I am not going to feel ready for it when it actually comes, but right now I don't. There are entire areas in TBC I've barely set foot in yet. I have done exactly zero quests in Shadowmoon Valley or Netherstorm. I've barely done any quests in Nagrand or Blade's Edge Mountains. I find that after Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh + instances you're practically 70, so I need to actively choose to go to different areas to quest to experience them (I am at the moment taking a mage through Terokkar).

And some Zul'Aman

Even though I have done every instance and almost every raid (not TK yet) I haven't done them much. Karazhan that I've probably done the most out of the raids, I've done maybe ten times in total. But of course, I myself have spoken about taking breaks from WoW and Blizzard clearly don't want to give me, or anyone else, any chance of doing that. As soon as we feel like we can take a breather, and not because I am bored with it but rather the opposite, they need to throw (old) new goodies in our faces. I can understand their reasoning and I don't doubt that there is some expensive marketing research and analysis behind it that has calculated the exact time next expansion need to come to maximize profits.

I'm just worried they're going to achieve the opposite, a complete burn-out.


  1. Zinn, what server do you play on? If you've a toon on Myzrael-US, I can help out. I enjoy the Classic servers, and while I don't like boosts, I do enjoy going into end level Classic instances with 2-3 people and having a good old time.

    1. I play on an EU server called Nethergarde Keep. I am not a fan of boosts myself, I think it takes all the enjoyement out of the leveling experience and I've only accepted a handful over these years. That being said, dungeoning among friends is always fun! I've actually been lucky to be in very nice guilds where finding a helping hand isn't too difficult. Thank you for your offer! :D