Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Healing in Ulduar - Auriaya

And the guide for healing in Ulduar continues and today I thought we'd talk about one of the more boring fights in Ulduar. Although I like most of them, this boss actually feels more of a tough trash than a boss really. She ain't that easy but if you just get the pull right there isn't much you can fail on. There are more bosses in Ulduar that are quite easy (if you don't do hardmode that is) but this fight is easy and rather uneventful. As a healer there are two things to think about (on this boss too? What a coincidence), the pull and her cone dmg.

For this fight both holy and disc work altho holy Guardian Spirit can come in handy if the pull goes all wrong. But it shouldn't. And remember, this is 10man we're talking about.

First of all, the pull. It is the only thing that really can screw up, since you'll most likely wipe if you don't do it right. Think about Maulgar in Gruul's Lair and you'll have an idea about how it works, only this time you don't need something like 5 different tanks, but only two. So the MT and OT need to pull Auriaya and her cats away from eachother (well the important thing is they don't all three hit the same target) since her cats have a debuff that increases dmg taken by 50% and it stacks up to 9 times. Ouchie, in other words. As a healer you have to be ready for big dmg, but if the pull really fails there isn't much to do about it. Like I said, if you're holy you can use Guardian Spirit and hope you save some time for the OT to pick the adds up like he should.

Secondly, Auriaya does a frontal cone dmg which divides the dmg over all targets. It does approximately 80.000 dmg so this means you should never leave someone alone in front of her. The whole raid will always need to concentrate on standing in front of her to reduce dmg from the cone. She emotes it so there is a short window of time to get into positon if you just don't do it the easy way and always stand in front of her. Sounds easy enough but there are a few things that can make this really hazardous; Auriaya fears and also puts areas of death on the ground. This means the tank will have to move and Auriaya will move too. And that means there might be times where not everyone in the raid are in front of her when she cones and that is one, or the most important thing really, to be ready for.

Getting the pull right and being ready to heal whoever gets hit by her cone dmg is really what this fight is all about. And since the pull can basically either work or not, there isn't much to think about here. Imo KT with too many melee is a way harder fight.

To think about;
- Be ready for Auriaya conedmg. The less that get hit, the more to heal.

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