Sunday, May 3, 2009

Healing in Ulduar - Hodir

Since I just downed this guy I thought I'd take my chance and write a fresh guide about healing him. You'll either love or hate this fight - in either case it's really tough. It actually resembles the Ignis fight alot, in that the raid regularly take massive amounts of aoe-dmg (Deconstructor is like this too) whereas the rest of the healing isn't that hard. Come to think of it most fights in Ulduar have some sort of massive aoe-dmg coming in phases. And altho I like simple and non-fuzzy things irl, I enjoy these intense fights in WoW the most. The ones where you have to be on your edge all the time and actually have to use every dang spell in the spellbook to make it work. You know that success is a great deal thanks to you. But you will also bang your head against the boss many times before downing this one (or maybe perhaps we just aren't that good ;). There are alot of things to keep track of, sorta like the Sarth 3d fight, and alot of dmg coming in. One moments of distraction could be fatal. They way it should be! So this would be one of my favourite fights in Ulduar so far and this is how you should heal and what to think about.

First of all, for Hodir I actually recommend holy. Yes I've been yapping about disc for a while, but there are still some areas where holy will make it a little further, and Hodir is definitely one of them. If everyone in the raid knows what to do and where not to stand, i.e the evil stuff falling from the ceiling, you'll mostly be healing two things - Frozen Blows and MT. One tank is enough on this fight, we had to have three healers tho. Two druids and me, the holy priest. The Frozen Blows aoe is the real issue in this fight - a really massive aoe dmg that needs at least three prayer of healing per group to be dealt with. We shared the burden so that I healed one group and the druids another (this is 10man as you've figured). Divine Hymn really does it in this fight and effectively heals the entire raid during one channel, tho it might needed to be topped of in the end (the aoe has slightly longer duration that the channeling). Start casting PoH on your groups as soon as you see that Hodir is doing his aoe, there is really no time to loose. Throw out a PoM on someone low and a CoH inbetween casts. Like I said, about three PoH should do it. Place a Lightwell and tell people to use it or they will die.

The next thing to think about is the blows on the tank. He won't take all that much dmg most of the fight (nothing a renew and a flash heal can't fix) but during the Frozen Blows he will start taking some nasty frost dmg. We did this another night with a warrior who had no frost gear. He was basically oneshotted. Today we had a frost capped (that's what he said he was, dunno if you can cap resistance?) druid tank and it went alot easier. So not only will you have to spam heal the raid, keep the cooldowns for the tank taking the big hits. Be ready for it.

As you might understand this is an extremely mana consuming fight. When downing Hodir I had used two innervate, a mana pot and my shadowfiend and was utterly oom when he died. I've told ya before my casting regen isn't all that (this time it was about 420 mp5 raid buffed) so having better stats than that will of course make a difference. You will oom.

To think about (assuming the raid steps out of dmg and use Lightwell):
- Start the PoH-healing as soon as Hodir starts his aoe, there is really no cast-time to waste.
- Be ready for the tank taking big blows during the aoe and dipping really low, keeping Guardian Spirit for this is ideal.

Have fun healing a really tough fight!

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