Friday, May 1, 2009

Reminiscing vanilla WoW - Part 2

The list to convince everyone that Vanilla WoW in many aspects was pure horror (especially when compared to today) continues. Today, let's think back and talk about;
Remember when the fee for respeccing stacked indefinitely? If you look at most other RPG's and MMORPGS the possibility to change your talents after chosing them isn't even there. Blizzard had thought one extra step and thought that you could respec if you really wanted to, but it should be something special and out of the ordinary. They didn't foresee the potential opening up for people when being able to change their skills and play-style entirely (especially for hybrids being able to go from ex. healing to tanking). As I noted last time, changing roles wasn't even something Blizzard had thought of. But it turns out role-changing is one of the major aspects of WoW that keeps people playing it, year after year.
Remember when you got the mount at level 40? Had to run to Badlands (if you're horde) by foot which took like half an hour, unless you waited till level 40 like I did everytime. No one can say getting the mounts at 30 is a drawback. The old areas and quests still require alot of travelling where you will enjoy the pretty scenery plenty. And speaking of travelling, that makes me think of...
This is something they still change, or add, continously. But back up a couple of years and you often had the corpse-run from hell waiting for you if you died. Especially memorable to me are Southern Barrens one, Maraudon one and Stranglethorn Vale one (since you're killed there alot if you're unlucky). Remember any else?
And last for today, but definitely not least - the lowbie mana-regen buffs. Although level 80's have recently got a medium-sized mana-regen nerf the lowbies got a much longed for mana-regen buff some months ago (with Wotlk perhaps?). This means classes like Shamans, Mages and Hunters got their Water Shield, Evocation and Aspect of the Viper at level 20 instead of like 62/36/70 (don't remember the old levels exactly). This makes a huge difference for the possibility to play elemental shaman and mage at low levels without it taking ages due to downtime drinking (hunters are easy-mode in any case). Imo one of the best changes to WoW recently.

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