Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bosses to love

Have you ever read the diary of Archavon? It is just outside the raid portal on the floor. You'd have to be a stone not to be affected by that lovely thing. Seriously, Blizzard sure know how to play them heart strings. Every time someone proposes to to kill him I think about that diary. Archavon isn't just a pile of graphics anymore. Obviously he has feelings, I can read about them right there in his "secret" diary! Maybe he's even got a soul...

Archavon isn't the only npc I have special feelings for. Blizzard have gone through alot of work to make us have some feelings for at least most of the bosses in the game. They've got their little speeches and emotes, so that they're not just loot givers but a little more real to us (it doesn't seem to work more than the first time you kill them though). And some bosses are so charming that I'm having a hard time killing them.

One of my favorites is Skum. You know, the thunderlizard standing around in Wailing Caverns? He just stands around, minding his own business, when a party of people barges in and kills him. What has he done to anyone anyway? He even tries to flee which just is so sad. He is in fact one of the few bosses in the game that isn't evil in some way. We don't actually have a good reason to kill him, he just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I always try to avoid killing him, but the rest of my group rarely agrees with me. They just see the blues, and not the thunderlizard behind them.

Other bosses I like include most Abomination Bosses, like Patchwerk, Ramstein and Meathook. Mostly because they, just like Skum, don't really seem to know what the heck is going on. They probably don't know that they're part of some necromancers evil scheme. They just came into existance, thought they were having a great time playing with their toys when suddenly a bunch of people comes and ruins all the fun. Poor guys, I feel for you. Abominations need love too, just look at Frankensteins monster.

Love likes the Eck guy (thing?), also for these reasons. He just comes out of nowhere and probably thinks "what the heck are these guys doing here, ah well I'll try to eat them while I have the chance", and then he gets his ass kicked. But he's not evil either. Yet another guy (thing?) in the wrong place at the wrong time. There's no fun in killing these poor, slightly stupid bosses is there? I just feel kinda sorry for them.

These bosses are special to me in the "I don't want to kill them because they're so cute" kind of way. But then I love other bosses for other reasons of course. Like because they're so cool or fun. Maybe that's for another post.

Are me and Love exceptions, or are these doofus bosses really extra lovable? Do you have any favorite boss, and for what reason?

I'm working all day tomorrow (like seriously all day, 7am sunday until 10 am monday), so won't have time to make a post unfortunately!

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