Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where's the love?

Seriously, and I've said this before, there isn't enough love in WoW!

We bash eachother as soon as something bad happens, but how often do we praise eachother when we do something great? We don't, because even though we don't expect people to do great, we demand they do. It's like we're supposed to be on the awesome end of the scale, or we're bad people.

But most people are at average, that's why it's called average. So when someone does awesome dps, awesome healing or awesome tanking, why don't we just say so? It seems like we think that since he's doing it, it must be easy. But one should really think "would I do this as good?". And if yes one would know how difficult (or not) it might be, and if praised is warranted.

I want to think that I do. I hope I do.
Because I know I take critic rather hard. If someone complains about my tanking I don't tank for days. So how happy do you think I get when I get something like this?

Yeah, he's talking to me!

The guy liked what I was doing and said so. It will keep me happy for at least a month.

Funny thing is, when I tank as good on my other tank that has way better gear, or when Love is tanking who has even better gear than that, we never get recognition like this. I think that since my gear sucks (I have 4100gs right now), people expect me to really stink at what I do. But for heroics my gear is just fine, and I do have some experience in tanking by now. They just get so surprised they have to tell me I'm doing a good job (this isn't the only time it's happened).

And even though it might seem like I'm just blowing my own horn (and yeah, that mainly what I'm trying to do ;) ), my point is that anyone who's doing a nice job deserves to get comments like this. Not just my crap-ass geared tank.

So, more love to the people.

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