Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lost Room

A motel room is ripped from time and space. Everything that was inside it seems to have special properties. The pen will make you explode, the wrist watch can boil eggs, the glass eye can disintegrate flesh, the comb will stop time. And there are about 100 objects scattered throughout the world. Only the key can get you inside the room.

That is the plot of a really cool mini series called The Lost Room that I've just finished watching. You can see it either as three 1,5 hour episodes or six 45 minute episodes (I saw the 1,5 hour ones, they're original cut).

The series starts out with copper Joe Miller getting his hands on The Key. He has no idea what it does at first, but when trying it out he finds that it takes him to a motel room. From this motel room he can access any point on the planet that happens to have a door. Suddenly a bunch of people show up to steal his key and he gets more and more involved into something really weird with the Order and the Legion fighting eachother to gain power over as many objects as possible. Where did the room come from? What happens when you collect all the objects?

My mom, who loves science fiction, tipped me off about this series and it stuck with me at once. The idea and the build up of the story is very well performed and wanting to find out more and more about this twisted room will get you hooked asap. When seeing it I thought that the ending could only be bad since I only wanted to see more about it. In hindsight I do feel the series could've earned some hours more, but this length was ok and the story unfolds in a terrific pace, just enough to keep you interested all the way without blurting it all out in your face at once. I don't want to spoil the ending for you, but I can say that it is good enough. Not surprisingly, it's not completely an ending, but also not really a continuation. You really feel like it could either go on, or you could just let it go. You have to see it to understand I think ;)

So if you need something to watch for some rainy days, I definitely recommend this series!

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