Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5th Anniversary!

Me and Love are celebrating our 5th anniversary today and will spend it eating good food and maybe go watch the new Resident Evil movie in 3d at the cinemas (romantic, isn't it)! We had a little in game date as well ;) 5 years is incidentally about the same time we've spent playing WoW together...


  1. Aaaw hope you have a wonderful day <3


  2. lol, sounds like my kind of couple! My boyfriend and I just celebrated our six year anniversary last month - we spent it at our favorite dive of a diner and watching "The Expendables."

    :D Hope you had a great one!

  3. Yeah we had a great time! Unfortunately Resident Evil wasn't up that day, but apparently it sucks so maybe we just saved alot of money not seeing it ^^ We saw Iron Man 2 instead!