Saturday, September 11, 2010

300 posts!

Wow, time flies (fly fly). Well actually I'm just amazed I've had 300 things to write about so far. Not that coming up with things has been an issue, actually my biggest problem is to remember to make a post about all the topics that pop into my head :P I have like 20 things in queue at any given moment and get like 3 new ideas per day. If I just had the time to write all those posts! At least that means I won't be going anywhere soon. Here is the recap from last time.

Let's recap again, what have I been rambling about for the last three months? Here are some of my favorite subjects that I've brought up during the summers:

Tanking guides
I really loved writing my warrior tanking guide, and I'm lost now that I don't have her to level anymore! Don't worry, I've rerolled another warrior *coughI'mcrazycough*. I could write a guide on how to level some other char I suppose... but nothing really stuck with me as warrior tanking. And also it feels like writing a guide on how to level another tank class would be too much like the warrior guide. And healing in instances is too easy to write a guide about. Dpsing too really. Ah well I'll figure something out.

- How to! Warrior tank level 75-76
- How to! Warrior tank level 77-78
- How to! Warrior tank level 80
- Level 80 Tank - Instances
- Level 80 Tank - Gear
- How to! Warrior tank - Talents
- How to! Warrior tank - Glyphs
- Tanking Guide - Comparing the tank classes
- Guide to tanking heroics
- Cataclysm Masteries: Tanking

Top 5
I say it all the time, I love making lists. I didn't do that many these last three months though, but as always I just simply forgot about them and there will be more coming! If you have a list of your own give me a comment or mail (mail at the bottom of the site) about it and I might post it :)

- Top 5 Healing Skills
- Top 5 Pop References in WoW
- 10 signs you should leave a raid
- Top 5 Most Useless Skills
- Top 5 Most Annoying Items

Other games
I did write about a couple of non-WoW games too. Well actually I'm just dictating Love since he's the one playing them. Which probably just makes the posts more interesting. Guild Wars and Warhammer Online were actually me playing though, but it's an exception.

- Stalker: Call of Pripyat
- Guild Wars
- Warhammer Online
- Fallout 3

Healing guides
I do main a healer, and I do heal in 25 man heroic content every week, although it's hard to guess from my post subjects. I don't know why I write so little about healing. Maybe it'll change when Cata comes and there will be alot more to say about it, who knows!

- It's a good day to fix Lightwell
- Cataclysm Masteries: Healing
- Althor's Abacus
- Analyzing 25Lich King Healing

The players
I love writing about the WoW-community and why people behave like they do. I'm a little Freud that way...

- What are your prejudices?
- How do you handle unethical behavior?
- Are you childish?
- Tracing Playstyles
- Where's the love?
- To be good or be bad
- Tales from the random pug
- How do I improve your playing? Part 2

I probably could go on linking for another hour, but I'd just end up linking to every post I've written the last three months and well... I won't make it that easy on you! Go check out the archives, I bet you'll find something interesting. What did I write about on your birthday for instance?

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  1. Thanks! I've been checking out your blog too and I like it so far, keep it up! :)

    About your question: Ouch, that's a tough one. When you say better, do you mean easier, more fun or..? They're both equally good, but paladin is definitely easier, and I personally find warriors more fun (not saying paladins are boring though). Since paladins have alot of other tools I know alot of people like to start out with them. So if I had to choose and you're a first time tanker I'd probably say Paladin!