Saturday, September 4, 2010

Discovering a gnome

Vroom! Actually I am standing still in this picture though...

Even after more than 5 years of playing, end game raiding and more alts than I want to admit, there are still things in WoW that I have never done or experienced. Many of these things include pvp or alliance. I have for instance never played a gnome or dwarf beyond level 15 (until recently), and therefor I have never actually ridden a Mechanostrider or Ram! This hasn't bothered me too much, but occasionally I wonder what it would feel like. So the other day I rolled the gnome warrior I have mentioned some times now in posts, and it dinged 20 recently. So off I went to get my Mechanostrider. Choosing one wasn't easy, I wanted to ride them all at once! But I finally settled with the Red one, for no particular reason at all since they all looked awesome and started to randomly ride around. So much fun! I noticed that I made vroom-sounds when riding around on it. It's not really as fun if you don't vroom.

The Mechanostrider isn't the only new thing my little gnome has introduced me to. I've never leveled in Loch Modan either. So I decided that now was the time to give that place a go. You don't have much reason to go there other than leveling, especially not as horde. As alliance you might want that flightpath by Thelsamar to get easier access to Badlands. when questing in Loch Modan I soon realized why no one does this area though, it must seriously be one of the baddest designed quest areas in the game, where efficiency is concerned. As for rp and lore, Loch Modan is a really nice area to start out if you want to feel all dwarfish (not so much gnomish unfortunately). In fact it reminded me somewhat of the starting area of Greenskins in Warhammer Online. The quests are few and extremely far apart, be ready to alot of running. Too many quests involve "get this for me over on the other side of the world". Alot of quests involve flying back and forth to Ironforge, not only the regular "talk to the flight master" quest line, but other quests as well. If you want to level fast and efficient, Loch Modan is the worst place to go. It is also quite far from other leveling areas, like Elwynn Forest and Dun Morogh. What's even more annoying is that there is a level gap between the starting area of gnomes and dwarves, and Loch Modan. So even if LM would be the logical next area to go to, you actually have to travel all the way to Stormwind and quest in Elwynn Forest unless you want to get your ass kicked in the high leveled quests of LM.

At level 10 I got a quest to kill some guy, that was red to me. So I thought well I'll just level a few levels and it might turn orange or yellow soon. At level 15 it was still red to me. I don't want to have to travel half across the world to be able to find decent quests my level, before I've even got my mount. Nevertheless, there are areas if LM I've never ever seen, so for me it was still fun in some way. I wonder if this is common, because it wouldn't suprise me if alot of people skip LM because of it's inaccessibility, sort of like Desolace (or am I the only one who always skips that zone?). Everyone should see it at least once though.

Suppose my next goal will have to be to level a dwarf to level 20 so I can try a Ram out as well. And then I have to think of new things that I haven't tried yet. Hmm.

Is there anything you'd like to give a go, that you've never done or seen before?

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