Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

I watched a great movie yesterday, The Day the Earth Stood Still from 1951. I've seen some black and white movies and I've liked most of them because of the special feel they give. House on Haunted Hill and some of Ed Woods movies are really entertaining. But I must say The Day the Earth Stood Still (DESS) had some special about it.
First of all it was exciting from the beginning to the end, had great effects (seriously)and good enough acting. Actually I found the little boy to be among the best actors although I usually dislike children-actors for their phoniness or over-achieverness. The story is a good one, without cheesy plot or dialogue. Some scenes are actually amazing like when
Klaatu becomes shot nearly the first thing that happens after he lands (gogo trigger happy USAnians) or when he tries to get an audience with the leaders of all the world and the director guy (don't remember what he was now) tells him that's impossible. Oh and the scene when he shuts down all the electricity and I thought "hey, he said no one would die. But what about the airplanes and hospitals" and immediately after they say "For some reason the hospitals and airplanes still have electricity!".
What I really liked most about this movie was that there was no scene or happening that felt out of place or funny eventhough it wasn't meant to be, which I otherwise see in nearly any other movie, be it new or old. There is always some scene where you think "no, that didn't make sense" or "haha, what is that supposed to be?" or where they say stuff that makes you wish you could punch whoever wrote it. This movie had nothing of that. It's worth every 1,5h of your time, not only because it's a classic referenced in many other places but because it really is good!
Fun Trivia: The Klaatu Birata Niktu phrase is re-used in the movie Evil Dead 3, but there with less success.
Fun Trivia2: The intro-melody (which too is awesome by the way, I love how they used the Theremine in old movies. Why don't they do that anymore? :/) can be reaheard in a really good remix by Timo Maas. The song is named Maas Attacks (couldn't find it on YouTube tho or I would've linked).

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