Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Huntress

I had a dream where I did a raid instance with some people and encountered a boss which I found interesting. It was a hunter boss (named Raziela after a guildie hunter I did heroic daily with yesterday) who was standing on a terrace sort of like Ingvar does in UK. The interesting thing about her, because she was an orc female, was that she had an attack called "Sickle" which oneshotted whoever she targeted. She wasn't tankable and I suppose that healers weren't all necessary either, so all you really had to do was kill her fast enough before that Sickle thingy oneshotted you and ultimately wiped the raid. I think there is a boss similar to that in Black Temple... I only did BT once in wotlk for funsies, so I'm not sure :P

I suppose to make the encounter interesting for non-dps classes you could implement mechanics that would allow healers/tanks to either dps for themselves or run around buffing the dps. Actually I like the second option better since that is what tanks/healers sorta do already, they help dps down the boss by keeping them alive which could be seen as a buff (the buff of life!). Maybe heals would instead of heal (since no healing is needed, you're either at full health or dead at this imaginary boss) they'd buff the dps somehow. Maybe hots (all healers have at least one hot) could give extra dmg done and direct heals give haste or whatever. Similar to what druids do with the birdies on the Anzu boss in Sethekk Halls.
Tanks on the other hand could get into special vehicles or pet or something the like to help the raid.
I really like the idea! Well it's my idea so that might not be so odd...

Have ya ever thought about imaginary bosses and how they could work?

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