Sunday, December 6, 2009

Learning by Imagining

Over at Science Daily they yet again have an interesting post, but this time about how one can learn to complete new tasks, simply by thinking about how to do it.

The experiment in the text is about finding an anomaly in a picture of lines. Apparently the ones who did the actual training, that is look at several pictures with anomalies and find the right ones, did as good as the ones that only did "imaginary training". This second group didn't look at any real stimuli but imagined how they would do to complete the task.

Why is this interesting? Well it could work just as well in WoW of course! Or any other game if you prefer. So if you have an issue, in raid or pvp or just anywhere, you can either train it by doing it, or train it by thinking of it. Say you think you're lousy at healing yourself when raiding (assuming of course you're a healer). Sit down and think about situations where you would need to do that and do it. Think of different settings and situations, what you would do (like mark yourself or unmark, chose the right spell etc.) and how it would work. Apparently, doing this a couple of times will engage nerv cells to build up path ways to actually do it.
I know the teacher told me, when I studied Biological Psychology, that when imagining things, like being hurt somewhere or anything really, the brain actually shoots nerve cells as if it happened. That is why we get "sympathetic pain" when we see someone get hurt or why we get dizzyish when being high up and imagining falling down. So this "imaginary training" doesn't seem far fetched at all!
Here's the post if you wanna see for yourself.

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