Monday, December 14, 2009

R.I.P Luke (070997 - 121209)

I'd like to make a little post about something completely else than I usually do. It's not interesting or funny, but sad. My siamese cat Luke has passed away, 12 years old. Apparently it was due to kidney failure and at the end he was so ill they had to put him away. Rest in peace my crazy little cat.

Luke was an adventurer, he liked to roam the streets and make his mark in the neighbourhood. He could be gone for days but we always knew he'd come back and act like nothing had ever happened. He had constant fights with other cats and came home with spoils of war from time to time (poor little birds). He was a very proud cat but with a soft side. He didn't like to be jerked around but didn't mind showing when he cared for someone. He was a patient cat and waited in the background for the right moment to make his move. He was never in a hurry for anything and never took rash decisions. He never overdid anything, he knew when to draw the line. He had the softest voice, which he never hesitated to use if he wanted something. He was a mystery and deeply loved. You'll be very missed Luke. Spread your coolness easy wherever you are now.

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