Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Akinator

Yet another small tip to keep you occupied (I find these all over now that my account is shut down) for a while. A guildie of mine posted about this on our forums and it's hilarious really. I'm talking about Akinator the Genius. He is a web-based "I'm thinking of..."-game where he asks you to correctly answer an amount of yes and no questions so that he can guess what character you are thinking of. Although the principle behind this game is really simple, it's still rather fun to sit and try to come up with character the Akinator won't be able to guess. He is rather good!

This method is the same applied by people who claim to be able to read minds and/or communicate with the dead and the like. It's simply really good guessing, based on facts you probably don't even know you've given them. Or in the Akinators case, good programming. So check it out and kill some time when it rains!

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