Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Holidays

I'm off on some holiday trips (I'll be scurrying between places) for the next few weeks and won't have much access to computers or internet during that time, unfortunately. I'll try to find internet somewhere and write something interesting when I can think of it, but I don't even have my WoW account active now until I come home again. I was going to write a post about the effectiviness on Demo Shout, but it has been proven tricky to put into test and so I have put it on hold until I can give it some real testing and show some interesting data.

So I'll just leave you with a tip for the summer, to keep you occupied until I come back again.
I suppose many of you that stumble onto this page, or visit it regularly, also read other blogs. Maybe other blogs about WoW. If so you'll probably have heard about this already, but I have to promote this just in case someone has missed this! Love told me about it after having read about it on some druid blog.

I am talking about A free magicthegathering-clone on the internet. It's not as good as magic, but considering it's completely free and so extremely easy to access, it is completely awesome for killing time. Like when being on a flightpath, waiting around in a raid, waiting for a group, fishing... nearly anytime you're not actively pressing skills in WoW. There are alot of time sinks in WoW where you don't actually do much good, or fun. Games like Bejeweled have been good to fill these holes, and this game is another (but even better) way to do it. Or any other time of course (in case you're one of those rare people who don't play WoW). It is good and solid enough to give you a good amount of fun, so check it out. I love it so much I've already donated some money (which will award you a special card, other than that no cards are puchaseable for real money).

So have a really nice summer everyone! I'll try to get back here as often as possible, but I won't be home again until mid-july (where tons of work is waiting for me).

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