Monday, June 7, 2010

How to! Warrior Tank - Level 77-78

Wohei! We're not far from the big 80 now! I haven't been able to refrain myself from doing the daily fishing, and sometimes even the daily cooking if it didn't suck too much. I've actually never done those dailies before! And although I very rarely do dailies overall (I've done quite some on my jc for tokens and that's about it), I just love to get that goodie bag reward from fishing. It can earn you nice amounts of money, which is quite handy when you're all alone on a server like that. I've never had a proper fisher before, and the reason is simple. It is so god dang boring to skill fishing. But they have made one huge change to fishing that really makes all the difference - you can now fish in any water with any skill. Before you go all crazy about how that makes it sound way too easy, they've made it so that if you're the wrong skill level you'll mostly just fish up gray crap. But it's ok. As long as I don't have to travel to some far away place just to skill my fishing to a proper level before I can even try to fish in my own questing area. Skilling fishing is probably the profession that takes the longest. Mining comes up close second, but that is extra sucky since you have to run around for it. When fishing you can actually do other stuff meanwhile, like playing elements. Or while waiting for a group.

EDIT 9/6: Unless you happen to have a main on the same server as your little tank, level 77 is the level to start thinking about repping with the proper factions. In a tanks case that would be Sons of Hodir (shoulder enchant) and the Argent Crusade (head enchant). Nowadays there are two ways to rep with any Northrend faction that gives head enchants, and that is either the old fashioned way by questing with them to Friendly (you get quests for them at the Argent Vanguard, just north of Dalaran), buy the tabard and gain rep through instancing or buy rep with emblems of triumph. The latter gives rather fast and easy rep, but you need those triumph for other things so only use it if you're really lazy. With Sons of Hodir you have to go about things a little differently. You can either do a really long quest chain to become friendly with them and then do dailies/turn in Relics of Ulduar until you get exalted, or you can buy rep with emblems of triumph (since I hate dailies I'll definitely do the latter once I have all my triumph gear). The quest chain starts in K3 in Stormpeaks, and you need a flying mount to be able to do it.

I finished up my Armored to the Teeth now, and so could you!
Woot, you'll never guess it, but we have two new instances to tank in.

First of all, there are at least two nice quests for Gundrak, which can be obtained in a camp in the far north-east corner of Zul'drak. One of those quests give a nice tank ring as reward. It is less good than the tank ring that drops from the last boss Galdarah however, but maybe your other ring isn't as good.

- The first room with all the snakes is probably the worst designed room in the game. Those snakes seriously drop the fps on my game, if I keep V toggled. Drop some thunder claps to kill them off before you toggle V back on.-The first boss does a nasty poison nova, but there isn't much you can do about it. Your healer has to handle that. If you're lucky your healer won't be retarded and run off in a far end corner to heal. The first boss spawns snake-adds that -will- go for the healer. They are really easy to grab off him and have the dps aoe down if the healer is close to you so you can just thunder clap them. They're nearly impossible to get off if he isn't. I suggest you ask the healer to stand next to you when healing. There is no reason he shouldn't since the boss doesn't cleave or anything.
-The second boss switches between two different forms. Actually most bosses in Gundrak do this, but this boss is the only one that aggro resets when doing it. Start of with a taunt at each switch to make sure the boss doesn't run away somewhere else.
-The rhinos just before the last boss will silence you, so do your shouts and claps as fast as possible. And try to make sure the healer isn't dumb enough to stand too close to them. The silence has about a 15 yard range so there is no reason for him to be silenced (I've wiped because a healer did this).
-In heroic mode there is an extra boss just after the third one (Moo'rabi). But not in normal. Alot of people like to skip him anyway, but you need to kill him for the instance achi, and another achi.
Like I mentioned there is a really nice tank ring drop from the last boss - Gal'darah's Signet.
Halls of Stone
Since they made Culling of Stratholme less sucky, this usually is voted "most horrible instance" by players. It's not because it's particularly difficult, but because it wastes time unecessarily (Like CoS did). It's not that shabby at low levels though, I actually think it's rather fun to tank.
-It's easy to overpull in HoS, so be careful about your pullings.
-The Theurgist dwarves are casters, and the Elementalists summon elemental adds (that aren't much to worry about though). This means however that to position a dwarf group you'll probably have to charge and shield bash (silence) the Theurgist.
-The Maiden of Sorrow puts black areas on the floor. Don't stand in them as they do continous damage. When she casts her Shock of Sorrow you might want to step into it just before to make sure you're taken out of the shock at once. Since you're the tank she'll hit you out of the shock at once anyway, so it doesn't matter if you miss this (it's actually more of a point for a healer or dps). (She drops a nice dps back that is way better than the crap ass back I've got now. But I've always had some dps need on it so far. I'm just no lucky with backs. And speaking of backs, Love had a tank in Nexus yesterday who got superior achi from switching his back, all his other gear was ilvl 245+).
-Don't forget to take the quest from Brann, it awards a nice pair of shoulders. Don't worry if you miss it a couple of times, until you engage the last boss you can still take it.
- The last boss, Sjonnir, summons adds that will go for your healer again. Try to pick em up if you can. He will also do an aoe, and especially the last one might be worth popping a cooldown or two for. You can just move away from it too though, he will stand still.

Sjonnir drops a nice tank neck, Amulet of Wills.

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