Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scary stuff

I'm extremely easy to scare. I jump and scream whenever Love enters the room if I don't expect him to, and he always says something like "am I that ugly?". I think it's my dads fault, he scared the living daylights out of me when I was little and was running to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He had hid behind a bookcase and jumped out on me and I nearly died, or well so it felt anyway. But eventhough I'm so easy to scare, I love scary stuff. I love scary movies and I love scary games. One of my favorite games ever is the first Resident Evil game. I have never played it myself though, I wouldn't dare to! I always forced someone else to play it for me so I could watch from a safe distance. I tried Silent Hill once and only got to the broken stroller in the alley before I had to quit. When looking at scary movies I always hide behind my hands so I don't have to see any of the scary stuff. I probably just see about 30% of scary movies because I mostly keep my eyes closed.
Maybe I told you before but when I started my very first char on WoW I decided it had to be an undead. I thought that if I played a zombie myself, the undead monsters wouldn't seem as creepy! I soon realized though that WoW really isn't a scary game. Or is it?
There has been some times when I jumped when playing WoW, believe it not. And I don't speak of PvP, because that is more about stress than fright really. Sometimes I mistake a stealthed mob for a rogue though, and that can be quite panicky. The zombies didn't scare me when I started playing actually, but some other things have. It definitely doesn't happen often, but in a game like WoW you're all the less prepared for it when it does happen.

I remember the first time we did Ulduar. Our guild usually tries every boss without reading tacs beforehand, and if they turn out to be too difficult we'll read up on it. So we had just killed the Iron Council and were heading towards Kologarn. I had no idea there would be a boss named Kologarn, I had no idea of anything about Ulduar that first time. I was running ahead for some reason and up the stairs and saw the rift and thought I'd go check it out and ran into the room... BAM! A huge scary ass monstergiant comes out of nowhere, covering my entire screen and waving his arms around. I was sure I fainted a little. I kid you not, Kologarn jumping up on me like that made me nearly shit myself.
And the first time I did AQ, I wrote about this too but I don't think I made myself clear enough about my first encounter with Fankriss the humongous earwig. I -hate- earwigs. They crawl into my apartment when I keep the window open late at night (like now come to think of it :/ ), and then I find them tucked up in the most horrible places (not in my bed yet though). And I was happily running along killing stuff in AQ when I run into this HUGE MADDAFAKKA EARWIG staring me right in the eye with his ickiness and like I wrote last time I just wanted to run away screaming like a little girl.

I can imagine the feeling of some people who have spider or snake phobias... Fortunately I have none of those (only the completely sane zombie phobia, I mean who wouldn't be afraid of something that is after your brain?).

Have you ever been scared in WoW?


  1. Kologarn scared me too! Little priest walks in POOF a giant appears hngnhgnhng *faints*. Also those two patrolling abominations in Ghostlands have a habit of just suddenly appearing behind your back to eat your baby character...

  2. Oh yeah... totally forgot about all those elites that lurk around. The aboms are definitely sneakier than you'd think! Same goes for the Fel Reavers and Devilsaurs. I remember the first time a friend of mine went into Outlands - he was enthralled as he found a completely new herb (felweed), stopped to marvel at it and didn't notice the HUGE monster machine of death sneaking up his ass. Two seconds later he was a hamburger on the ground.