Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't get your main

There is alot to be said about World-PvP. I usually mostly have bad things to say about it, seeing as I go monkey berzerk whenever I get ganked. Unfortunately a huge part of world-pvp is about being ganked. But there is a brighter side to it also. One that I don't hate. That is the pvp between equal opponents, where a fight might actually turn into a fight and not just a drive by slaughter.

Although I always prefer to be left alone and get on with my questing, I don't get angry at someone who is the same level as me if they win over me in a fair fight. If I'm on a pvp-server I do have to expect some of that. I might try to get back at them, I might resign and go quest somewhere else, but that's it. And that's where it should stay at. But some people don't realize when they're simply making fools of themselves. There definitely are some rules to world-pvp, and losing against someone who breaks any of these rules isn't a real loss. Some people argue that it doesn't matter how you win a fight, as long as you win it. There is some truth to this but that depends on why you want to win the fight. If you want to win the fight to chase the other guy away, maybe because he is stealing your quest mobs or whatnot, then any kind of victory that achieves this goal is a good victory. But that isn't the reason most people go into world-pvp.

There are two major reasons that people engage in world-pvp, either to ruin someones gaming or to simply show them that they're better players. Highbies ganking lowbies would fall into the first category and there is alot to be said about that. But for people who fall into the second category I don't understand why they go through all the hassle of trying to own someones ass, just to humiliate themselves in the end by breaking the most important rule of all - don't get your main.

If you win over someone in world-pvp and that guy decides to get back at you you shouldn't be surpised really. You decided that there was going to be war between you so you have to accept that you have to make smaller pulls and have eyes in your neck. This guy is probably slightly pissed off and might therefore pull some nasty tricks, that is ok! You came and ruined his gaming by engaging in pvp-combat that he maybe wasn't even interested in. Ok so he plays on a pvp-realm and has to suit himself, but so must you when he wants revenge. He is entitled to revenge. And it might just end like that, you two fighting eachother until one gives up and decides to go somewhere else or do something else. But it rarely does.

Instead what happens most often is that someone goes to get their main. Big no-no! There is only one reason to get your main in world-pvp and that is to make a statement that "ok so you've killed my alt 10 times, haha. Now stop it, seriously". It is never ok to get your main as revenge for a counter-kill, that automatically means you're a wooz and even if you win the battle you have failed at life.

If you kill someone, get killed back and immediately relogg to your main to get back at the other guy you'll have accomplished nothing else than making a fool of yourself. The other guy is probably happy he made you go get your main. You've just told him that you can't handle the situation and have to cheat to get out of something you started. Getting your main is like getting your parent, something you do only as a last resort to end something you didn't want to take part in in the first place. Doing it when you yourself is the inciter is just so bad.

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