Monday, August 9, 2010

What does UC and Vanish have in common?

Like 3 years ago I wrote a ticket. It was a ticket about something that had been bothering me for a long time, even back then. I had played horde for some time and noticed that some parts of the horde world wasn't designed to suit other parts of the horde world. I am talking about the elevator gates in Undercity. Undeads can mostly pass through them just fine. Trolls and Taurens however, nearly never.

This might sound like a small problem, but if you have alot of business in that area for some reason this quickly turns really annoying. Some argue that this is part of RP. Having Undercity completely adapted for a race that weren't supposed to ever enter that city would be bad RP, I realize that. But it is part of good game design to make a choice between when RP furthers some parts of the game and when it just becomes bad design. An example - it would normally take maybe 30 minutes to cook a fish feast, in WoW it's done in a matter of seconds. Having things done in real time-time is a game design choice, and doesn't have to be a bad one. WoW has decided that cooking isn't part of the RP aspect of the game and therefore it works in an unrealistic way.

I remember there are some watery parts of the world where gnomes have to swim because they're so short. This resembles that problem but there is more at stake with the elevator really. You have to dismount to get through the portal, which means afterwards you have to remount. Having to do this constantly will easily and quickly become really annoying. And that isn't even the big issue, the biggest problem is that the openings are really easy to get stuck in with your Kodo/Raptor, in which case you will fall to a certain death when the elevator goes down again.

Fortunately I haven't died because of this too many times. That isn't because it's hard to do so, but because I have learned how to avoid it. I now dismount while closing in on the opening instead of being suprised by this. I could of course just keep on doing this, but somehow I think that this is such a minor thing for Blizzard to fix that I shouldn't have to do this all the time.

So what happened to my ticket? I got a nice answer from a GM telling me they had known about this issue since the dawn of WoW and it was not in top priority. Seeing as they haven't done anything about it for 5 years I am guessing it isn't on any kind of priority. It has to be on the "problems we're not bothering to fix"-list.

This makes me think about all the other things they constantly claim they've fixed, but in the end never have. Or like this, never even bothered to get it fixed in the first place. This doesn't have to be bad though. I remember a bug with Surge of Light which meant I could get it when other people critted with their Flash Heals. It took them a long time to get that one fixed, not that I minded. Another bug with it was that the Flash Heal proc could crit, and therefore proc another Surge of Light FH, although the tooltip clearly states that this shouldn't be possible. It was a sad day when Blizzard finally got it right with their fix to this "problem".

Another issue that really never has been fixed properly is the way you can get brought out of stealth by a projectile coming towards you when you've just used Vanish. Say someone casts a fireball at you, you vanish and the fireball hits and gets you out of stealth making the vanish completely wasted. This was an issue from the start, the very second rogues first got Vanish (haven't they had it forever?) they whined about this and Blizzard said that it wasn't intended and they were gonna fix it right away. 5 years later and this still happens on my rogue. Is the programming around this really that difficult?

Can you think of any other issues in WoW they never fixed properly?

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