Saturday, August 21, 2010

The most dangerous mob

A long time ago I read somewhere about which mob in the game had killed the most players. I think it was some official WoW-data, but I can't remember where exactly I found it. This was like 4 years ago though. before Wotlk and even BC, so maybe me not remembering isn't so strange.

The mob was one of the ghouls inside Stratholme, I think Fleshflayer Ghoul, but might also have been the Ghoul Ravener. I remember thinking "yeah that makes total sense, those bastards sure kill me everytime I try to do that damn instance". This was back when 60 was the best you could be, and Stratholme was one hell of an instance to try to get through. I'm still awe struck by those mighty people who managed to do a Timed Baron Run back then! I don't think there's much as difficult around in the game anymore. Lk hc perhaps. Stratholme still today comes pretty high up in my list on instances that contains the most annoying mobs, although the ghouls aren't the most annoying ones in that instance actually. I remember that back then they hit insanely hard, and that combined with every other annoying mob in there usually gave them the killing blow.

I think about those ghouls still today and wonder "what is mob is killing the most players today?". Surely not those ghouls anymore, very few people do Stratholme at all today, and even less "properly" leveled for it. I think that list included bosses, and those ghouls still topped the list on player kills. It's not that strange after all, a boss might kill more people at a time, but with longer intervalls, since not that many people did raid back then. Stratholme was a 10-man raid at first (or was it even 15?) but they eventually changed it to a damn hard 5-man instance instead. You really needed to be awesomesauce to get through that instance without 10 wipes and without it taking 5 hours. For anyone without a raiding guild or the time to raid, Stratholme and Scholomance was the next best thing. If you weren't there you can't really imagine how horrible it was. Look at me sounding like those old farts in Monthy Python! "When I was young we had to eat a beating for breakfast, and like it". Seriously though. If you want a feeling of how it was you could go there with a level 60 char, and some level 60 friends and complete it. No BoA gear allowed!

I've tried to locate that list since, a couple of time actually. No luck. If I were to tell you which is the most dangerous mob in the game today, it would be a total guess. So let's guess!
First of all I think there are probably plenty of midlevel mobs that are quite dangerous. At level 80 people tend to get better and better gear, and the mobs don't become tougher and tougher really. On the other hand people spend less and less time in mid-levels, leveling has never been so fast as it is today. Another factor to consider is that some mobs are dangerous not in themselves but in their context. Like the Scarlets in Scarlet Monastery. No single mob in there is any dangerous, but the fact that they easily run and pull more mobs make them very dangerous. The most dangerous mob doesn't have to be located in an instance at all of course, but that is usually where the slightly tougher mobs are, where overpulls are more easily done and more players available to be killed.

So let's consider the factors that need to be present - the mob probably has to be part of a pack, I doubt there is any one mob out there capable of holding the position of #1 without the aid of some friends. It also has to be somewhere where alot of people go, either an area for questing or an instance that is done alot. There are some tough quest mobs like the seal in Zul'Drak and the dragon in Dragonblight, but I just don't think people fight those often enough. Quests and the mobs you have to fight when doing them are usually only done once, and then never again. Daily quests are repeated, but Blizzard have actually tried to make most of the Daily Quests as easy as possible so that people don't have to spend all day completing them. Back in BC I can imagine Kazzak was one of the mobs that killed the most players. Remember him standing there screaming all day? That was from all the player aggroing him when they were doing the dailies in his area. I don't think the mob is from a raid, since the trash in ICC isn't especially tough. ToC doesn't even have any trash, and the Ulduar/Naxx is mostly just done for weeklys nowadays. Of course the bosses of ICC are done pretty much so maybe it could be one of those? But are they done much enough, compared to heroics? I think not.

Taking all this into consideration it probably has to be some level 80 heroic instance mob that kills the most players today. Taking it from there I would guess some mob either from PoS or HoR, the two most difficult heroics out there today. The caster mobs just after Ick are pretty tough, and people usually wipe on them when trying to skip them as well, so they're definitely nominated for the position. The waves in HoR usually wipe people too, but from personal experience I'd say the caster mobs in PoS are more troublesome. People seem to know what to do in HoR now so I actually have few problems with that instance nowadays. I think it's easier to get into PoS with bad gear than into HoR. I often wonder what some people do in PoS at all, because their gear is so bad, but I rarely get stuck with extremely undergeared people in HoR. As an example - my warrior has about 4500 gs, I've ended up in HoR once and in Pos like 5 times. Pure chance? Maybe, but I don't think so. And I do feel that the two instances are about as difficult when it comes to mobs, you just need slightly more skills for HoR.

So what is my conclusion? I think the Ymirjar Flamebearer is the mob killing the most players currently in the game.

Which mob do you think is the most dangerous?

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