Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Experimenting with Google Translator

This is just an experiment. It has nothing to do with WoW, or anything else for that matter. Since I love playing with language and read the language so I went on to test this. I was going to try to write a text in Swedish and let Google translate it into English for me. It becomes a kind of swenglish. It will be interesting to see if Google or I'm better in English. It would be embarrassing if Google won, however ... Fast in and of itself, I would in such cases to use Google to translate all my texts in the future, so you do not have my horrible half-Swedish expression. What you are reading right now is actually the result of the experiment. The entire text has been run through Google Translator.

It is obvious from the text so much that Google can not translate expression. "In itself" is a Swedish expression that does not exist in English, we might translate it to "On The Other Hand".

In this way, you can also see what similarities and differences exist between English and Swedish, which, though very common language but also many differences. I have not corrected anything in this text, it is just like Google has translated it for me, but it is hopefully obvious.

It is one hell of a tool this fact, although it will be the English AWKWARD. I can see how the text as I type it, and it's really entertaining to see how it chooses to translate certain words. I do not know why "AWKWARD" was in caps, for example. Perhaps because it is unsure of the translation. And it is true, for it is not entirely correct.

If you have any boring days, I recommend trying this. Translate any lyric or the like from English to your language for example and see what happens.

This was, as I said just a little experiment that I thought to share with you to you. However, I agree that wearing Putricide HC with my guild. I have recently switched to a Guild that is running a bit more 25-man, although I still have most of my characters in my old guild. I was in my old guild for nearly three years in fact, most of my WoW career! Well, now, I'm still there, just not with the character that I most raids with.

And now I have talked long enough crap! I'll continue playing with this but will come back with a sensible post tomorrow;)


  1. Det här är nästan lika roligt:

  2. Haha, maybe I should try to do that a couple of times back and forth and see what abomination of a language that emerges ^^