Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brewfest is over, time to count the mounts

The bloggosphere is completely swarming with posts on Cataclysm and 4.0 at the moment. Seems everyone can make a post about the new changes, when it's estimated to arrive and whether it's gonne be frickin awesome or not. I don't blame them, I've done my fair share of posts in the matter! And it's very obvious that our dear readers are interested. My post on Disc 4.0 Talent Builds has alone gotten more pageviews than the rest of my posts combined, over the last couple of days. And that says something. Looking at what google searches led to my blog, 8 out of top 10 include the words "talents", "disc", "cataclysm" and "4.0" in some combination.

 Some people seem to go into a frenzy about Cataclysm though. It'll come when it comes! Let's just sit back and relax and enjoy what is left of Wrath, for it will never come again. Take your time to take some screenshots of the old world for instance. Some people even seem to be scared about the expansion (and the preceding patch). "What will I do? I will be noob all over again! My guild won't be able to down Marrowgar anymore!" Yes that is all probably quite true, but remember that we are all in this together. We will all run around like noobs trying to figure out left from right. No one will laugh at your mistakes, you'll probably won't do the worst ones. And to be honest people will be so busy with their own they won't even notice what you might be doing wrong, they probably won't even know that you are doing something wrong!

Let's take a look at something completely else for now instead. Today was the final day of the Brewfest Festival, and I have been "grinding" Coren to see if I could get some fun stuff. Grinding isn't really the right word since he takes about 20 seconds to kill + around 30 seconds in queue. Grinding does sort of suggest a tediousness or time-sink, which isn't really applicable in this case. Many people have commented on Coren being a fiasco. He's too easy, and no fun at all, they say. I don't agree. Yes he might be too easy, but he's definitely not boring. He offers the perfect opportunity to test how much burst your character has (as a healer though, this is a /afk fight). As a tank you will have the challenge of trying to hold aggro when people go completely monkey berserk for 20 seconds, completely disregarding things like initial aggro and "run-to-the-tank"-mechanics (wait, that's just like any heroic then).

I've done Coren 10 times
each day for the last two weeks, on 9 different classes (two warriors, but no rogue). Coren offered me the perfect setting for trying out different "nuke it like you mean it" tactics on all my different classes, trying to outdps myself each time. I didn't start doing him at once because I didn't really think I wanted anything from him. I'm no collector of things really, I don't care about mounts and achis much. But I soon realized that he only takes 1 minute of my time (per character), so what the heck. I thought I might take the chance to collect some statistics on the guy! So here is what I found out over the course of 130 runs all in all.

Fastest kill - 9 seconds = 17,777 group dps (4444 dps per person, not including healer)
Slowest kill - 49 seconds = 3265 group dps (816 dps per person, not including healer. I think this was the run where all the dps were afk or something and I had to kill him alone on my warrior tank)

I got;
  • Kodos - 3 = 2,3% drop chance (2% according to Wowhead)
  • Rams - 1 = 0,7% drop chance (2% according to Wowhead)
  • Tankards - 9 = 6,9% drop chance (5% according to Wowhead)
  • Shankers - 5 = 3,8% drop chance (4% according to Wowhead)
  • Remotes - 2 (alas, on the same char!) 1,5% drop chance (5% according to Wowhead)

As we can see I wasn't very lucky with my drops, overall being slightly below average (yay me). So where you any lucky?

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