Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gnomeregan vs Echo Isles - Revisit 1 month later

Everyone is so busy with their mains right now, alot of things have gone them (and me) completely unnoticed by under their noses. I knew the retaking of Gnomeregan and Echo Isles events were over when 4.0 patch hit us, but I hadn't given it more thought than that. The other day I decided to take a look at how things where getting along over there however. Maybe they needed a helping hand?

Echo Isles
 The evil trolls on Echo Isles are completely gone and have been replaced with happy, dancing trolls instead. Because one of the old quests required you to kill those evil trolls, it has been replaced with a quest connected to the aftermath of killing Zalazane (with the hilarious name "Cleanup on Isle E").

 Hmm, they've put up a little celebration camp at the place Zalazane fell. They really didn't like that guy, huh?

 Is that... what I think it is? Yeah... it was. (Hint: All that's left of Zalazane)

The Darkspear Trolls seem to be getting on well with setting up the camp. It will be really interesting to see what it turns out to eventually. Although the evil trolls are gone, the pesty wildllife is still around, which nearly killed my poor mage a couple of times.

 Unlike Echo Isles, there doesn't seem to be any new quest connected to the semi-new area, kinda sad actually, that would've been cool.

 The old quests are really easy to do however. I really hated those blasted Leper Gnomes.

The Leper Gnomes are still inside Gnomeregan however, and I couldn't find Thermapluggs body anywhere (although I admit my search wasn't very extensive). I haven't gone inside the instance Gnomeregan to check if he's gone from there either! I didn't have any alliance char high leveled enough to join in on the attack of Gnomeregan, so I don't know exactly what happened to Thermaplugg in the event. The gnomes seem to be quite busy with setting up a camp outside of Gnomeregan though, I think it will turn out just awesome when it's done. If you find yourself not having anything to do, you should go check it out (and Echo Isles too of course)!

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