Monday, October 25, 2010

Top 5 Best Vanity Pets

It's been too long since I did a list! So why not make one about Vanity Pets, I mean the game is flooding with them by now. I'm really no collector of vanity pets. Unlike Love who has nearly 100 by now, I've only got 17. I rarely show my pets either. Partly because we're not allowed to during raids anyway (they unecessarily lower frame rate) and partly because they're in the way, frankly. Often when I try to loot something my little Vanity Pet comes in the way, just as one example. Or they do alot of weird and annoying sounds. So I'm not big fan of Vanity Pets, but there are nonetheless some I really like. I would use them if I had them, but I don't unfortunately (except for one of them). So here are my top 5 favorite Vanity Pets.

5. Tiny Sporebat
I really like the Sporebats for some reason. Maybe because they make me think about one of my favorite factions, the Sporeggar. The quests for Sporeggar are among the ones that never go dull, at least I don't think so. And the Tiny Sporebats are nice because they don't bother anyone. They just kinda float around, minding their own business. I'm not even entirely sure if they're an animal or a plant. Or something else. Having a little Sporebat around would make me feel comfy, because it's flying around like a little lamp. What could go wrong with a little flying lamp around?

4. Peddlefeet
Peddlefeet must be the incarnation of ugly. I love him because he's just so wrong. A goblin dressed up as Icarus? Shooting arrows of love (?). It makes me think about the Ferengi in Star Trek, and I love those little bastards. I would think having one of these out would make you run faster because you'd try to get away from them. Love was lucky enough to get one three Love Festivals ago. Back then it was among the rarer pets, but nowadays it is much easier to obtain. I could handle one... but hundreds. I still like him because he's so weird.

3. Murky/Lurky/Gurky
They might not be so pretty, but they're damn cute. Ever since I saw the first Lurky I wanted to have one, and I envy every one who does. I was really happy when I got to have some for a short period of time for a horde quest in Zangarmarsh. And their little dance is to die for! Then I got to encounter them again in Borean Tundra, where you are to rescue them for cages, and I never wanted to stop rescue the little things. Whenever I see someone who has this kind of pet I have to zoom in and look at it for a while. The little spin-offs, Murkimus and Grunty (and Deathy!) are totally awesome too.

2. Sleepy Willy
Is it because he can fall asleep in the midst of a heated LK battle? Or because he likes to zap rats with his one eye? Or because he never really seems to know what's going on? Probably all of them. sleepy Willy was also the first pet I got from Children's Week and one of the pets I really enjoyed keeping around. He became more than just a prop for fun, he became my own little Willy.

1. Disgusting Oozeling
Having a pile of goo follow you around must be among the coolest things ever. What I love the most about the Disgusting Oozeling however is probably that he gives you a debuff. No other pet does that (afaik), which makes the oozeling really unique. People grind for hours to get this one and it sells for thousands of gold, and I understand them - it is something even I might actually do to get one of these.

And there are two Vanity Pets I really like but that didn't really make the list. The Siamese Cat, because I've owned real Siamese Cats so it's fun to have one in-game as well. I also like Mojo. Because of the name, because he is from Zul'Aman, a raid I love, and because he turns you into a frog when you kiss him. So many good things packed into one Vanity Pet. Which ones are your favorites?


  1. Oooh all theese small pets that follow you around :) you just got to love them. On my druid I match my shape with appropriate pet. Chicken for moonkin, bear for tanky-bear, sproutling for treeform (wich I miss a lot). Sometimes I match my mood instead... The favourites are Volpertinger, the pink eplephant, a flying scull...

    My undead priest used to have a roach as company. She got it first thing when she got to UC at lvl um.. 6-7 maybe. She also has Sleepy Willy ofc :) and a white rat.

    It is nearly impossible for me to pick a favourite... Sleepy Willy, Teldrassil Sproutling, The mini Corehound...

    And no, I don't see a problem in using alliance vanity pets as horde.


  2. Yes the cockroach! I think that must've been my first pet ever actually. I like that one too ^^ It's a good idea to use pets that match your character, in fact I saw an awesome gallery over at of some player who had collected matching gear sets to some 100 vanity pets. It was really cool.

  3. Wow! Awesome! Wonder how much time that person spent collecting the matching gear. :D Looks really great.

    Ohoh and my druid got Stinker yesturday, the 50 vanity pets award. Great! Give free drugs to the junkie ;)


  4. Grats! Yeah Blizzard sure know how to make people hooked, and to keep them hooked ;)

  5. I'd like to nominate some additions:
    - Hyacinth Macaw
    - Lil' K.T. / Pandaren Monk
    - Mechanical Chicken

  6. @Rapidfirwow
    Hyacint Macaw? :O
    Haha yeah the Mechanical Chicken is awesome actually! But I never played Warcraft so I don't have that special connection to the Pandaren that some seem to have.