Saturday, December 4, 2010

Druid Adventures in a Shattered World

Dear Diary. I have been up to so many things lately! Since Deathwing came and destroyed the world (don't worry, it's still there, it's just really broken) everyone has had to chip in to rebuild. It also seems like we're really at war with the alliance now. I mean I never liked those guys but I didn't mind them hanging around. They were nice occasionally. Now they're trying to take our lands! I knew they were no good. But I haven't just been fighting alliance. There have been loads of things for me to do!

 I fought a really big fish. I wonder if they made a feast of him later, although I doubt he'd taste any good.

 A little girl wanted me to build a suit and protect her from the evil alliance. It felt kinda awkward to be called "Large Daddy" by a stranger girl, especially since I'm female, but it was rather fun to saw into gnomes.

 I got to fly a huge balloon with a huge bomb strapped to it. I'm not sure which was more scary - being so high up in a rickety balloon or having 500kg of bomb underneath my feet.

 I went to check what had happened to Camp Taurajo. Look at that devastation! Alliance must pay.

 Alliance think they can come and take over Barrens. It's preposterous. Barrens has always been the very heart and foundation of the Horde. What will we have now? Hillsbrad? Bah.

Flying a rocket over Tanaris!

We strapped a bug full of bombs and told it to go deep into the core of the Silithid Nest. It kindly did as we asked (with some help of some mind controlling powers). Boom, no more Silithid!

But it appears like Silithid are everywhere. I had to get in there myself and make sure the job was properly done by killing the BFB - Big Fricking Bug.

As you can see, Dear Diary, I've been quite busy. Being at war with everything is no easy business, and everyone is pulling at me to come help them. Garrosh has been sending me all over the world to help out, and I am glad to be a gear in his well working machinery that is the Horde. Just between you and me I'm not so sure he really knows what he is doing and just attacks before asking. But when fighting the Alliance that might not be a bad working tactic. All we can do is try to make the best of the situation. 
Until next time!
- Xoohla

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