Tuesday, December 14, 2010

X-mas Cleaning The Bank

Let's get something out in the open - I'm a hoarder. Very much irl and pretty much in game. Not one that saves any blank paper "just in case", but one who likes to keep anything and everything with even the slightest bit of affectionate attachment to it. Most people save pictures and letters, but I also save sms, mails and all scribbles on papers that come from people I care about. This is true for my WoW gaming as well. All rp-items I've once got I usually throw into the bank, whether or not I'll ever look at them again. Love always teases me for my bank and bags looking like chaos, filled with "crap" from all around the world. But you never know, maybe that particular memory will turn out to be really precious to me some day.

I was going to put some random things in my bank the other day, like potions, flasks and gems that I'll need for raiding, whenI noticed that it was already crammed absolutely full. I had one slot free. Something had to be done, this is no way to start out a new expansion. I'm not sure if I've ever really cleaned out my bank, and that is probably the main reason things have gotten so out of hand. One does collect a whole lot of crap over the years. And some interesting things. This is what it looked like when I started out. The first thing I did was to buy another bag slot and fill it with a Runecloth bag I happened to have lying around in the bank (and why haven't I done this before?). But that would only save me time temporarily. I would have to go through this whether I liked it or not.

My bank before the clean up

Hallowed Helm - I hate this thing. I don't know why I kept it. I rarely farm for stuff but I really did try to get the Headless Horsemans mount. Ok I didn't do 100 runs each day for it, but one each day on all my 10 chars. And in the end it felt like everyone flew around on one except me. What I did get alot however were the blasted helmets. Not only will I never ever use it, the worst part was that it was unique. So I couldn't loot one if I already had one in the bag. That meant that I had to throw the old one away before I could loot my bag. After a couple of days and a couple of chars this became really tiresome and I started to hate this head. Throw it away? Definitely.

Pilgrim's Robe, Darkspear Shroud, Recruit's Robe - The sad thing about robes and me is that I'm really bad at using them. Unfortunately they replace an item that I need, in this case my back, and I am really bad at remembering to switch my real gear back on when I am raiding or such. I have raided in semi-rp gear a couple of times because of this, and therefore I have to avoid using these things alltogether I think. Some of these items are a little cooler. Like Darkspear Shroud which is a one time thing. Pilgrim's Robe will always come back and even if it doesn't it doesn't represent anything I really have to remember or show people that I was there. "Look, I was there during the Pilgrim's Bounty!". No... I'll throw some of these away for sure.

Random Shadow Priest Gear - Toward the end of any raid instance, when people start to get all the gear they're after and you mainly do it for funs, people can start collecting gear for their offsets. And I always end up with a whole bunch of shadow priest gear. Everyone goes "Well zinn, something for your shadow priesting perhaps?", and I go "I haven't played shadow priest seriously since Vanilla, and I probably won't ever again, so better just disenchant it", and they go "naaaah" and give it to me anyway. So I have some 20 items worth of shadow priest gear (you know they're shadow priest gear since they all have hit!", completely unenchanted or gemmed or anything. I'll sell them all.

Conquest Marks - These are acquired the same way as the shadow priest gear. I simply get them because no one else wants them. Yet another thing to vendor.

Frost Res Gear - We used a Frost Res Gear for Sindragosa, but I strongly doubt we'll use this particular set in Cataclysm. In that case I am sure there is a new and up to date set to collect instead. I haven't checked it out, but a rough guess would be we'll need fire res in Cataclys, whaddya think? A little shadow too maybe. Keep it for nostalgic reasons? Nah, these things are easy to craft again if I ever really feel the urge to have them. Sell!

Oil of Immolation - This is a really interesting item, because it has been in my bank since Vanilla. Yepp, the reason I know this is because the only thing I've ever used Oil of Immolation for is the Anathema/Benediction quest line. Back then priests didn't have an aoe, and this was the best way to handle the swarms of skeletons that came running. These are also really easy to craft, but I think I'll keep them another couple of years just for the heck of it. Are they used for anything at all anymore?

Critter Bites - I got a bunch of these to do the achievement where you're supposed to control a bunch of critters. Once I had done the quest I still had a couple left and I just threw them into the bank in case I'd... need them again? Who knows. They're not too difficult to get again though, so they'll be thrown away this time.

Guild Tabard, Tabard of the Explorer, Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari, Tabard of Summer Flames
- Tabards are nice because you can use them with your regular gear. Unfortunately I can't use any of these tabards at the moment since I have to use rep tabards instead. But as soon as I am done with those I can start wearing these tabards again. They're a great way to show people that you've been part of something cool in WoW that won't come back, and to remind yourself of that event as well. Tabard of the Explorer is an epic tabard awarded for exploring all of Northrend. It could seem a very fancy reward for such a simple a task, and people collected it simply to be able to say that they were fully geared in epics. The Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari is awarded from a group quest in Shadowmoon Valley where you're supposed to battle Illidans forces at Crimson Watch. People don't do these kind of quests anymore, but I am sure they're still obtainable if you set your mind to it. Tabard of Summer Flames is one of the tabards awarded when doing Ahune during the Midsummer Fire Festival, so not something really difficult to obtain either.

Random Lowbie Rp Gear - Sometimes I run through older content, just for the fun of it. Usually when someone I know wants to do some special achievement or something like it and needs some help, I tag along. During these runs there's always a bunch of lowbie gear dropping. Lowbie epic shards aren't worth squat, so the best thing to do with them is vendor them, or start collecting your own rp gear. Like your very own tier 2! That's what I've been doing, getting a few Prophecy and Trancendancy and items like it. My goal is to get the whole set, eventually. I just collect them really, really slowly.

Words of the High Chief - An item awarded from a quest Winterspring, a simple lore/rp item. But I love these kind of items, and I usually save them whenever I get them. There aren't that many of these in the game actually and you can only aqcuire them once (on each char). You could easily fill your bank with all these items if you collected them actively, but I just save the ones I get. It is also a reminder about me having been level 50ish at one time, many years ago. Who'd have thought I was once a lowbie too?

Lesser Inscription of the Storm, Lowbie Gems - Typical crap that I just throw into my bank because I think I'll use it eventually and then I never do. Just vendor.

Bouquet of Red Roses - Another item I have accidentally worn while raiding. When doing Blood Princes a guildie asked me in TS why I was wearing roses instead of my regular staff? Ahem. But they're pretty!

Baby Blizzard Bear, Unhatched Mr Chilly, Frosty's Collar - These items all have "already known" on them and I know I could just throw them away. With Frosty I can send him to my other chars for learning if I like, since he is BoA. But I don't have to since all my characters start with these pets in their mailbox. For some reason I just didn't want to delete them on all my chars, eventhough I already know them. Just in case you know. But I suppose if something ever did happen to them Blizzard would fix it, right? Have to delete these.

Charmed Amani Jewel - Here's an interesting thing. These used to be crap that I threw into my bank because I thought I'd use it and then I never did, but since it has gone so long since then it's crap no longer. It has instead turned into a memorabilia. Somethin with which I can remember that I once raided alot in Zul'Aman, which happens to be one of my favorite raid instances by the way. Blizzard sure knew how to do instances in Burning Crusade. This is an antique now!

Weighted Jack o' Lantern - I saved these to do the achievement, but if I haven't bothered until now I might as well just get rid of them by throwing them on random people in Orgrimmar. Maybe they'll have a little fun with them instead.

Primal Nether - What is this, I don't even? In a way they are memorabilia since these were the archetypes for Frozen Orbs and the Chaos Orbs we have today. But they're not that difficult to come by and I have no use for them nowadays whatsoever.

Plain Letter - When I first saw it I thought it would be some cute love letter from Love (he stopped sending me those years ago, bastard), but it was just the mail you got from Vol'Jin upon completing the Echo Isle event. I don't really need to keep that.

Blackened Urn - I was very, very proud of myself when I got this item, making me one of the few people in the guild who could summon Nightbane in Karazhan. It has since then been turned into a grey item, which only makes it even more valuable in my eyes since that means it can't be acquired anymore. You don't need it to summon Nightbane!

Random Lowbie Herbs - Since my druid is skilling Incription, old herbs will be perfect to send to her. I bet the prices will escalate later on, as all midlevel gathering materials do when less and less people collect them, so better save the ones I've got now than try to buy them later.

Tier - Old tier gear that isn't old enough to feel like vintage will ve thrown away. Unless it looks really cool, but the Wrath tiers weren't anything too fancy.

Dark Runes - Love farmed a couple of these for our attempts at General Vezax. They worked if I remember correctly. And they might come in handy in the future. Although ~1000 mana is very, very little of course. Nah I should sell them or something.

Shattered Vial - Old vials from before Blizzard changed it so that you only need one vial for all potions/flasks (thank you very much for that btw). I didn't know they'd do this and had bought like 3 stacks of them really expensive vials just before the patch and then they all turned into greys. Ah well, I've made worse deals.

Iceweb Spidersilk - These used to be really expensive on the auction house so whenever you got some while questing you saved them just in case. Well mine are still around. Vendor!

Crashin' Trashin Robot - Don't know why I keep this around? Throw away...

Blood Scythe - I didn't raid much in Vanilla, but I did the occasional MC and ZG. When people were really, really desperate I got to join on my totally undergeared and noob healer (zinn actually), I think I even sported a shadow spec back then. When the Blood Scythe dropped I got it, simply because no one else needed it. Trust me, I was definitely last in line to get anything cool that might drop in a raid. So this was one of the first raid items I got at all, and the only one I have kept from my Vanilla raiding days. I felt so cool when I got it, like wow, now I am real raider too. Kind off. So it has a special place in my heart although I never used it. And now that ZG is removed as we knew it, this isn't obtainable anylonger to my knowledge, which makes it a novelty item as well.

Simple Wildflowers, Red Rose - Bunch of pretty things I've gotten from Love. Can't throw those away, can I? They remind me of when he bought me a Bouquet of Black Roses, they cost 50g back then which was an enormous sum to pay for a novelty item to a girl you only met in a game. He sure knew how to win a girls heart.

Argent Dawn Commission - I've never actively repped with the Argent Dawn, but once in a time this was one of the few trinkets I owned. But I think I could always get a new one just by asking the guy. Or maybe not. Will I miss this? Not really.

Insignia of the Horde, Medallion of the Horde  - Oldschool pvp-trinket side by side with the newer model. The old one had a 5 minute cooldown, while the newer had a 2 minute cooldown and some stats. I never used the new one, but I used the old one plenty because the only time I've actively pvpd in my WoW career was when playing shadow priest in Vanilla. This stands as a memento of those days.

Scepter of Celebras - I used to have this to be able to get into Maraudon, just in case I wanted to some day. But now that you don't need it anylonger and it has been turned into a blue item instead I supposed I could just... vendor it.

Staff of Dominance, Anathema/Benediction - Unlike today, some items used to show people that you were a really good player. When you had an epic you were something really special. I've just dinged 85 but I've already got one (crafted) epic. That was definitely not the case back in Vanilla. The only epic I ever got was Anathema/Benediction and I fought really hard to get it. It said something about dedication and skill and items don't do anylonger. Staff of Dominance isn't as cool as Anathema/Benediction, but rather part of the lowbie rp items that I am collecting.

Everlasting Underspore Frond - I used this alot in Burning Crusade. It was like having your own little mage in the bags, creating a small stack of food for you when you needed some. I really wish they'd implement an item like this again soon, it was really handy. Unfortunately this particular item is completely useless now so I will destroy it.

Pygmy Suckerfish - I hate these. Love did a whole lot of fishing back in Wrath and got hundreds of Suckerfish which he sent to me so that I could turn them into Oil. The worst thing about them is that you don't free item space by making them into oil, instead they take up more space. And since they were so easy to get you could never make any money from them. And they weren't used for any good potion. I made tons of Gurus Elixir and sent to all my alts for using when leveling, and it still felt like I had some suckerfish wherever I looked. I always had a couple of stacks in my bags and in my bank, eventhough I started deleting them just to get rid of them. Hopefully I have deleted my final suckerfish.

My bank when I was done. I nearly managed to get rid of it all.


  1. *smile brightly*
    I know the feeling. My bank is crowded too. It's full of RP sets, all kind of dresses, low gear with special memories or I've worked hard for to get, some tier sets, special swords, shields, etc. Only a half bag is filled with profession stuff I use regularly. I (try to) clean up regularly but ended up in rearranging after finding a few empty spots again. (It's such a pity to throw all these lovely things away)
    Btw, did I mentioned the bags I drag with me? Better not I think.

  2. LOL. I just cleaned out my pally's bank this past Sunday. Mine was completely full, and I have all frostweave bags. It was a horrible process, but being the sentimental fool that I am, I ended up keeping all of the useless holiday items and such. I mostly just got rid of my older gear that I had been holding onto because I worked so hard to get it. But it was time to say goodbye.

    I have to clean out my druid's bank next. He has even more useless crap than my pally. He somehow ended up being the one that had to store all of the non-soulbound holiday items and the Oracles pets that dropped while trying to get the green protodrake...

  3. @Asverze
    Yeah, my bags are material for their own post... eventhough I use an addon to do the sorting for me they still look like Cataclysm hit them.

    Oh don't get me started on my alts. I'm one of those people who send stuff I don't know where to keep to an alt, and after having sent them around a couple of times they end up in the bank of one of them. Sometimes when I actually need something (frozen orbs, myes) I have to relog 5 chars just to find them (got an addon to help me with that now though!).