Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wish List
  1. Reins of the Volcanic Stone Drake
  2. Darkmoon Card: Tsunami
  3. Buff to disc healing
  4. Conjured food that is based on %
  5. A cool looking tier set
  6. More stuff to buy for Justice Points
  7. Revamping Surge of Light into usefulness
  8. Remove the sound of Chakra
  9. Hard modes instead of heroic modes
  10. Flask crafts that proc more often
  11. Fix Meta gems
  12. Make int food fish obtainable from pools
  13. Make Stampeding Roar good (Love specific wish)


  1. God Jul! (BTW I just realized Christmas must be an abbreviation of Christ-Mass, something I personally do not intend to attend to.)

  2. Meta gems do suck...
    On the subject, Thundering Skyflare Diamond is the best meta for ferals atm, due to the stupid requirements of the ones that we are supposed to use (more blue than red gems). After that the old Relentless one will be the best, when they finally decide to revert the requirements.
    Whine aside - Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! :D

  3. 7+8 are sooo on my wishlist too!!

    Happy Xmas! =)