Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Traveller's Guide to Blackwing Lair

Seeing as Nefarian is yet again one of the great antagonists of the game, I thought it could be fun to check out what it looked like the first time we were sent to whoop his ass. I took an evening to help my friend get Chromaggus as a pet, and travelled into Blackwing Lair. I hadn't been there back in Vanilla, I think it actually took me until Wrath before I first set foot into BWL. I had watched some friends play it back then though, when being stuck on a raid boss for months was considered normal. I wonder how much of that Blizzard has tried to implement in the new raid instances? The first couple of bosses I've tried are quite difficult, but I remember thinking bosses like Emalon, Patchwerk and Ignis were pretty tough cookies too. And then the bosses became fairly simple until LK. Maybe it was just me being bad then.

Ah well, onward into Blackwing Lair!

 There is a swedish pro-verb that says; ”Don't wake the dragon that sleeps”. Well actually in sweden we talk about bears (we don't have that many dragons, honestly. Unless you count my spanish teacher back in school), but anyway.

Drat. He just had to poke her. I remember this fight being really, really tough (or so my friends who played it said). I actually died both times I came here, I think it must've been the bomb or something.

This is a room that greatly illustrates how Blizzard thinks sometimes. ”Hey guys, no one brings rogues to raids anylonger!”, ”oh really? Well, how about we implement a mechanic in the instance that can only be handled by rogues? That way they have to bring at least one!”, ”Oh my gosh, that's a great idea!”.

These rooms have pillars slowing your movement by alot, like 80-90% (unless you have a rogue deactivating them), while throwing tons of trash dragons in your face. It even makes the gauntlet before Loatheb in Naxxramas look like child's play. And this is no small gauntlet, it goes on forever (it sure feels like it)!

Many dead goblins. And some other stuff too. I wonder where that felguard is going?

Fireballs falling on my head.

Ebonroc, who looks like all the other dragons in this instance. They must be twins... times ten. Decimins?

Hello Flamegor! You know your crowning days are over when you're whooped by a rhino. Oh wait, a rhino would whoop me easily.

Entering the chamber of Chromaggus. He has a bad taste for decorating.

Congratulations hunter on your new and cool pet. Wonder what the Vanilla hunters would've thought if they new this would ever become possible.

Nefarian should really lighten up the place. He'll never get a lady dragon friend having the place look like this.

This was the last that was seen of Nefarian, also known as Lord Victor Nefarius. I've got a feeling he'll be back.

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