Monday, May 31, 2010

Algalon down!

Yes, yesterday I managed to get my first ever kill on the all mighty Algalon. I realize I am somewhat "behind", considering I'm actually part of what calls itself a "serious raid guild". But we never made it to Algalon before ICC and then suddenly no one wanted to try it anymore (lewt lewt!). And that although we only had one heroic mode left to finish - Mimiron. Ah well, I found a pug that does achi-runs in old instances every week, last week we did One Light In The Darkness and yesterday Algalon. Well actually the pug found me. I'm not very interested in achis overall. I mostly do them because they spice things up a bit, not so much for the achi itself. But two weeks ago a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to tag along to kill Yogg-Saron hardmode on my shaman. And I thought, sure why not. That time we didn't make it, but we rescheduled for last saturday and made it. We tried Algalon then too, but since you've only got a one hour timer to make it we never did. This saturday we were more succesful however and got him down after some tries!
He's really not that difficult. There are two phases of which the first one is the most difficult one. The main issue is to avoid the Big Bang and by keeping everyone topped for the Collapsing Star explosions (that do about 50% damage to everyone in the raid). Once we got those two mechanic under control things went smooth.
Actually I thought the Algalon fight was slightly boring, the Yogg-Saron fight has way more things to think about and things to do. Algalon was mostly about alot of healing and moving away from the Big Bang. Not as easy as it sounds of course, but an overall rather disappointing experience. Maybe we've been spoiled with overly dramatic fights in ICC, thinking about Putricide, Lich King, Blood Princes and such. I was expecting more from the end boss of all end bosses (lore wise Algalon is about as end boss as it gets). On the other hand I am glad that it wasn't too difficult considering I was doing it in a pug and you don't want to get stuck with that forever... (even though it's only one hour per week you don't want it to take too many weeks to get done).

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