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Class Quests - Sunken Temple

One of my favorite instances is Sunken Temple actually, although it is huge and easy to get lost in if you don't know your way around. Few people also seem to know that each class (except Dk's of course) has a special quest for this instance. Most of the quests are quite alike and most of the quests also have some interesting rewards! All the rewards have gotten an overhaul (although that was some time ago too), so some of them are quite good nowadays. Here I thought I'd make an easy overview of each class' Sunken Temple quest and the rewards from it. Is it worth doing for your class or not (which depends somewhat on your current gear of course, always keep that in mind)? I'll do half the classes today, and the other half tomorrow!

Starts out with "Cenarion Aid" which you get from Ogtinc. After some prequests you get "Blood of Morphaz" which means you have to kill the dragon Morphaz. Easy enough, he's on the regular route to the last boss anyway. As rewards you get to choose between "Blessed Prayer Beads", "Woestave" and "Circle of Hope".
The Beads is a trinket which give 101 spellpower when used (20 sec dur, 2 min cd), and if you lack a trinket slot these could come in handy. If you're good enough to use it everytime it's off cooldown it has a decent use, which turns out to be slightly more than 15 spellpower overall. Nothing fancy, but if you already have a nice wand and rings, this isn't bad. You get a hit trinket in Hinterlands however which imo is better (Rune of the Guard Captain), because I love hit at low levels (eventhough it gives attackpower). In outlands you'll get a better spellpower trinket too (Vengeance of the Illidari), and at level 50 you're not far from Outlands.
The Woestave is a wand that gives some stamina (3) and spellpower (9). Overall better than the beads, considering how useful a good wand is to a priest. That is if you soloplay alot, if you mainly do instances a wand is less useful.
The Circle of Hope is a ring which gives some shadow resistance (meaningless stat at this level) and 14 crit rating, which at level 50 is more than 1% crit. At level 50 there are already plenty of other good rings out there though (like Golden Ring of Power), which means this isn't that good compared to its level.
Overall I'd probably recommend the wand.

Unlike the most of the other classes, druids get their Sunken Temple quest from Torwa Pathfinder at the entrance of Un'Goro. After some prequests you get "A Better Ingredient", which means you have to find a quest item from the guardian at the bottom of Sunken Temple. This is a little tricker than most other classes quests, because one doesn't usually do the basement part of Sunken Temple. It's alot of time for not so much reward. The guardian has to be summoned by activating stones in a special way which most puggers just can't be arsed to do. Unless you're very good at convincing people to do boring stuff, you'll probably have to ask a high leveled friend for help.
As rewards you get "Grizzled Pelt", "Forest's Embrace" or "Moonshadow Stave". It's clear that they've tried to do one reward for each spec, feral, boomkin and resto. Unless you're dressed in BoA gear, which has a better staff and chest already, these rewards are actually really great, all of them.
The Grizzled Pelt is awesomely itemized for a feral druid, whether you're tanking or dpsing.
The chest Forest's Embrace is really good for both resto and boomkin druids.
The staff Moonshadow Stave is quite nice too with all that crit (14 rating is slightly more than 1% crit at level 50). If you're horde there is a staff from a quest chain in Stranglethorn (starts with "Saving Yenniku" in Grom'gol) which is nearly as good, called Nimboya's Staff. That means you could have the chest and that staff together which would be the best option.
Overallt I'd say go for the chests.

Starts out at Ogtinc with "the Hunter's Charm". After some prequests you get "The Green Drake" in which you need to kill the dragon Morphaz (just as priests).
As reward you'll get to choose between "Hunting Spear", "Devilsaur Eye" or "Devilsaur Tooth".
Hunting Spear is a weapon and as a hunter you'll mainly use the stats. It gives mp5 for some reason I don't understand, and a bunch of stamina (I am assuming this is for survival hunters). Because it is so strangely itemized I wouldn't recommend going with this weapon.
Devilsaur Eye is a trinket that gives 150 attackpower and 20 hit rating when used (20 sec dur, 2 min cd).
Devilsaur Tooth is another trinket which gives 5 agility permanently and increases your pets attack power by 200 when used (20 sec dur, 2 min cd).
Both the trinkets are quite good. As with priest you can get a good trinket from hinterlands which gives hit and attackpower permanently, which makes it better than any of these two trinkets. You'll also get a better trinket in Outlands (Bladefist's Breadth), so you can choose whichever of these trinkets you like more at the moment, you probably won't keep it for long.

This quests also starts in Azshara, but from Archmage Xylem. He can be found along the northern mountain wall where you'll have to ask one of his disciples to teleport you up to his tower. It starts with "Magic Dust" and after some prequests you'll get "Destroy Morphaz" in which you need to kill the dragon Morphaz (hey, alot of people seem to have some sort of grudge against that poor dragon). As reward you'll get to choose between "Glacial Spike", "Arcane Crystal Pendant" or "Fire Ruby".
Glacial Spike is a dagger that gives a small amount of intellect (4) and an interesting (but not very good) proc equip. Your Frostbolt spells have a 6% chance to replenish 50 mana when cast. This means of course that this dagger would only be good for a frost mage.
Arcane Crystal Pendant is a neck that gives 6 intellect and 16 spellpower.
Fire Ruby is a trinket which restores 1 to 500 mana and gives your next fire spell 100 extra spellpower when used (1 min dur, 3 min cd). This means this trinket would be good mainly for fire mages. It does have a minute duration, but only works for one fire spell, so it isn't that good.
Now even if you happen to be a fire or frost mage I'd still say the neck is the best choice. One always tries to go for permanent stats over the "on use" or "on proc" stats, unless of course the on use and on proc stats simply are so good they're worth it (which is especially true for on proc stats). For trinkets I recommend the same ensemble as I recommended for priests a bit up (Rune of the Guard Captain and Vengeance of the Illidari). If you happen to be a fire mage, or just really like to have an extra pot every third minute, the Fire Ruby is a decent trinket though.

And that's it for this evening folks, I'll get to the other classes tomorrow!

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