Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wish List

Nothing is perfect of course. If it was it wouldn't be perfect. Or wait now, how does that work... Ah nevermind. Here comes a little list of things I'd like to see change in a close to come patch!

The Portable Anvil (and forge)
Although Blizzard have simplified the crafting process for some professions, there are still some professions that are stuck in the stone ages. I remember when being an alchemist was a pain in the ass, because you had to go into the deepest corners of Scholomance to be able to do flasks. Or when you had to go to the trainer in Uldaman to train enchanting. I'm not saying these were good solutions, they were bad. It is good they removed them. Yet there are some professions that still need to go somewhere to do their stuff. Blacksmithers and engineers still need the forge and anvil to craft most of their items. Well, especially blacksmithers who need those two items for practically everything they do. I understand the rp factor of this, you simply can't carry an anvil around, sure I get that (maybe that should be a tauren racial though?). But considering what the gnomish engineers have been able to create over the years, like the Gnomish Army Knife to greatly simplify engineer crafts, one could think a portable anvil can't be too hard to create? Oh and while we're at it you might as well throw in a forge there too. It is sooo annoying being on an ore farm run and having to run back to some remote place all the time to smelt them. No one else has to do this! They've removed location necessities on all the other professions.

While I'm at it...
Come to think of it, there are actually quite some things I'd like to change about professions overall, not just the issues with Blacksmithers. For instance, I'd like it if you could sort your crafts more. Now you can sort them only after type and if you have all the materials for them. I'd like to be able to sort them after material usage. Like if I want to craft something using Citrines, I'd like to be able to get up a list of only such crafts, whether I have the mats for it or not. And another matter on crafts, I'd love it if you could queue not just the same crafts, but several different crafts. This would be especially awesome for professions like Scribes and Alchemists, who often do alot of few, different types of crafts in one go. Can't ya just tell the game you want to do 5 of those, 3 of those, 10 of those etcetera and go afk to do something more fun with your time than staring at your craft window?

Retroactive Quest Turn-Ins
You just killed 50 quilboars just for fun and the moment after some orc comes up to you and asks you to do the very same thing again? You point at the heap of dead bodies but he just shakes his head. Not so fun anymore. Being able to turn in quests retroactively is true in some mmorpgs, if I'm not completely mistaken (I think Guild Wars for example). That means the game keeps track of what you do and let's you turn in most of the quests after you've done them, even if you didn't have it. You don't have to get "permission" from some npc first. That means that if there is a quest to say, kill some dude, and you don't have it, the quest item (if there is one) will still drop. And in any case, if you kill him and ever find the dude who wanted you to kill him and talk to him and he says "hey I want you to kill that guy" and you say "hey I did that yesterday" he says "wow, that's great, have some of my old stuff I don't want anylonger". Considering Blizzard is already keeping track of everything we do through the achievements log book, this doesn't feel like such a difficult thing to implement. Other games have done it, which is yet another example of that it's quite possible. My guess is that it would mean quite the overhaul of the games item drop system though, and Blizzard just can't be arsed.

EDIT (10/5): I knew I had forgotten about something. I'd really love it if they'd remove daze. It's just annoying. I can't think of one single moment in the game when I thought "Wow! Good thing there is daze in this game!" but plenty of time when I've thought "God dang it, I frickin hate that skill!". The only reason Blizzard would want it is so that people wouldn't be able to mount through areas with mobs too easily. But why not? If you're too low leveled, you'll be beaten to death before you get anywhere anyway. Be gone pesty daze, you're no good!

These are just some few things though. Have you thought of something that needs to be changed?

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