Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top 5 Most Annoying Items

Yay, another list! I'm currently leveling a little rogue and have since level 35ish had to kill a whole lot of trolls. It made me think about the fact that there are some things, items, in WoW that really annoy the heck out of me. Everytime I have to experience them I feel the nerdrage boiling inside me. I won't tell you just yet why the trolls in particular made me think about this, since it has made the number 1 on my list. And no sneak peaking!

5. Food
Yes, it annoys the heck out of me that although Blizzard have been buffing us players plenty, they haven't made the food able to keep our pace. This is especially annoying when you're a mage because the food you're able to conjure will mostly be useless. Who wants to have to eat three times to get full mana/hp? That's more than a minute of waiting around. And the most annoying part is that the solution is so dang simple, one wonders why Blizzard hasn't changed this a long time ago. Just simply make all food based on percentual hp, instead of a fixed amount. If they worry that this would remove the needs for ranks, one could still imagine rank 1 gives 1% hp/mana, rank 2 2% hp/mana and so on. And anyway, why do we need different levels on our foods? Would percentual gain be that OP? I doubt it. All the food with fixed gains are dang annoying, and unfortunately that means most of the foods out there.

4. Items that force players into doing stuff
I am thinking Toy Train Set. I am thinking Piccolo of the Flaming Fire. They are fun sometimes. But mostly they're just annoying. I am glad there is a Wind-Up Train Wrecker, but he just isn't enough! Why can't all those items work like the D.I.S.C.O party ball, where you have to actively click on something to participate. Why do they allow items that force us to listen to emotes? Fortunately enough I can remove myself from these items, at least most of the times. But I really hate it when someone pops the train set after some wiping in a raid. That's so annoying... it's almost fun. ^^

3. "Special" skins that are worth less than regular skins
Some skins are worth alot of money, like Rugged, Thick and Heavy Leather. Annoyingly enough however, you have a chance to get a "special" skin when skinning. It's rare and cool and worth shit. Most hides and dragonscales for example. Everytime I skin a mob that drops rugged leather and instead gives me a feckin hide, I know I've just lost 1g. Same goes with dragonscales, which fortunately only drop from dragonkin. No one wants those silly hides! So I should be able to decide for myself if what I skin turns into a skin or a hide.

2. Shaman reagents
Shamans are special. Instead of having to buy their reagents, like everyone else (they don't even have to buy ankhs with the right glyph), they get their reagents on drops. And those drops are common. Extremely common. And no one else can use them for anything, but everyone still gets them. Every damn player in Azeroth has to do the fiddling with Fish Oils and Fish Scales everytime they kill something remotely related to a fish, just so shamans can have an easy supply of their reagents. Reagents they most likely won't use in the first place because there are glyphs to remove the need for those too!

1. Troll Sweat
The by far most annoying item ever, which really makes me froth, is Troll Sweat. It's annoying because it drops from nearly every troll, it only stacks in 5 (which means it will clog your backpack asap) and it isn't even worth the bytes that comprise it. I know that there are addons that prevent you from looting worthless pieces of crap like these, but it really annoys me that I would have to use an addon just to avoid ONE stinking item. Ok I would probably use it to avoid those damn Fish Oils/Scales too. But still! The trolls sweats are everywhere! And they are... so... worthless. Nearly every troll I loot has one of these and I have to stop to empty my bags from them every 20th troll or so. And trolls are everywhere too! Nerdrage, anger, graaah!

So ok. I have released my rage about these items some now so I am a little more relaxed. But like I said I'm currently leveling a rogue in troll areas (STV, Hinterlands) and won't get away from them for long. And then I'll get a break from them for most of Outlands fortunately, but then they return in Zul'Drak! Although I am not sure if those trolls drop Troll Sweat too? Are there any items in WoW that really annoys you?


  1. The by far most annoying drop is the Hefty Barrel that drops of Hardknuckle monkeys in sholazar.
    They dont stack at all and if you are there for the skinning, the barrels while beeing a funny reference to Donkey Kong, gets tiresome very quickly.

  2. Hmm, the list of items I really don't want to loot seems to become longer and longer. Soon I might just have to get that addon anyway! It's called Karni's Crap Filter by the way.

  3. lol about the Troll sweat and the fish oil!!! I never new what that fish oil was all about before reading your post, but it sure is annoying as hell!

    I really hate the shells too, like "Use: open the clam"! WTF would I want to spend time opening that stupid seashell to get some "clam meat" or other that's worth the same price as the shell itself. I've heard that once in a while you can get a pricy pearl, but it's so annoying I never open them anymore. Can the meat at least be used by hunters to feed their pets?

  4. @Florian
    Yeah thankfully enough the clam meat at least has that, they can be eaten by pets. Also alot of clam meat are worth quite alot of gold since people use them for skilling cooking, at least back in Wrath. If I were you I'd check the current prices on AH before vendoring them. Some Clam meats can be sold for more than 1g each!