Friday, May 21, 2010

What happened to all the cc?

Can you remember the last time you used a cc skill? Outside of pvp of course. I remember back in Magister's Terrace days people were looking for special classes just for their cc skills. They were usually needed to complete that damn instance without any wipes. Heck most BC instances were tricky enough to require at least some cc. And I remember even further back when you wouldn't have anything but a priest healer for Stratholme because they can shackle undeads (and cleanse disease and dispel magics, but anyway). Maybe that was a little too much to ask for. No one wanting to instance with the poor druid because his silly roots were too bad of a cc (in fact they weren't even usable as a cc in instances until wotlk). But fact remains that all pure dpsclasses have some sort of cc nowadays, which are hardly being used. I have the cool turtle polymorph on my mage and I never get to epeen it :( There is no cc in WoW pve anymore, except perhaps in Lady Deathwhisper heroic. And this is both good and bad.

I like to try to make the most of the classes I play. I try to use skills that don't have anything to do with damage, just because it's fun. In heroics today it is hardly needed, unless the entire group happens to be newly dinged 80's. And interestingly enough I usually get more scorn than praise when I try to cc something. Suppose it's understandable since tanking today is more about collecting as many mobs as possible than trying to make smooth pulls. But isn't it kinda sad in a way? Having all those skills not being used for anything ? And what's even worse, since no one ever uses them (unless they pvp), they forget how to use them or don't think about using them when they're actually needed!

But when I think about instances like Oculus, I remember why we don't want people to have to do anything out of the extreme ordinary for the party to succeed. It generally fails. And since instancing has become something that should take a mere 15 minutes, and not an hour like back in BC and even longer back in Vanilla, we just can't demand people to do anything but the easiest. We don't want to, because we'll be annoyed when they fail, just as in Oculus. It is sad in a way too, but one has to accept reality. I can't say I particularly miss the endless instances of the old times. We've learned to want faster and easier satisfaction now! And I suppose you can't have that and trickier fights too.

I do wish however that there was one or two a little tricker instances, which you could go with a bunch of trusted friends for some better loot. Maybe Blizzard intended the ICC instances to work this way, but unfortunately they didn't make the lesson clear enough and people are trying to brute force those instances too, usually with success. Who can blame them when that is what they've been taught to do throughout Wotlk? Easy street, don't worry, you won't have to move your face from the keyboard to cc something.
Love tells me that they're apparently bringing cc back some with Cataclysm, so we'll see how that turns out!

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