Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Bad Items - Tank trinkets (lowbie)

A sort of revisit to my old post about good bad trinkets for level 80 tanks, I found a really nice tank trinket for a lowbie tank (and will tip about some others while I'm at it). When questing with my rogue I stumbled upon a quest I rarely do and noticed that the reward was quite nice. Not for a rogue perhaps, but definitely so for a little tank. Especially since trinkets are so scarce at low levels (and stay that way forever it seems). And there are no BoA tank trinkets either! So here is a nice substitute;
There's an elite giant in Stranglethorn Vale named Mok'Rash. He's very rarely killed, and therefore a rather special quest chain is missed by alot of people. He resides on the small island just outside of Booty Bay and isn't too difficult if you're about the same level as he is (level 42, don't forget he is elite). When killed he always drops a green item called Monogrammed Sash. The item not only is an equippable gear piece, but also a quest item. The quest is to return the sash to its rightful owner, which happens to be Hecklebury Smotts over on the quay bridge from where the Booty Bay boat goes. If you decide to turn the Sash back to Smotts, which means you'll lose the sash, he'll reward you with a followup quest to kill another elite giant, Negolash.

And the reward for killing Negolash is the item I am thinking about here - Smott's Compass. It is a trinket that gives 12 dodge rating straight of the bat. The quest is obtainable already at level 35, so if you bribe someone to help you, or have one of those mythical "friends" I hear everyone talk about, you've got a really nice tank trinket to keep you company for alot of levels ahead. At level 35, 12 dodge rating is worth nearly 2% dodge, not shabby at all. And it's good for all tank classes!

At level 58 you can do the quest Cruel's Intentions, after some prequests, to get another really nice tank trinket - Regal Protectorate. I've had that trinket up until level 80 on many of my tank chars!

Then at level 65 you can grab a Mercurial Stone, crafted by alchemists. The extra stamina and hit makes it really nice and by this level the old Smott's Compass probably won't give you that much dodge anymore and can safely be replaced.

These are just some few tips as to where you can find some lowbie tank trinkets, because they won't exactly rain down on your head. These are easily obtainable and quite good!

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