Monday, November 29, 2010

Deathwing! Take me!

Here I am in Blasted Lands, waiting. Waiting for the end. I remember my first steps from the crypt in Deathknell so many years ago. How I realized I was living dead and under the servitude of the ever great Sylvanas. I have fought many valiant battles since, slain heroes and foes, anyone who ever threatened the existance of Azeroth. Our great leaders pointed and we went off into battle. The hours of pain and joy I have experienced. The friends I have seen come and go. Somehow in the end we all managed to save the day, to stave off destruction yet another time. Evil lurked around every corner but we could always turn back to the safe harbors of our major cities when we needed a rest. 

But not anymore. Deathwing came and he destroyed everything I knew. Eventhough I gave it my all I couldn't save that which I had always fought to protect. In the end all my efforts were in vain. I fell asleep one day, everything being as it always had been. And woke up in what almost felt like a new reality. While I was off fighting in some distant land I never knew what was going on behind my back. What a fool I was to have ever thought I could make a difference. To think I could ever save it all. Evil is too strong. I don't recognize anything anylonger. Evil is now truly lurking around every corner, I don't feel safe anywhere. And our leaders are quarreling amongst themselves. Will we have the strength to defend ourselves, yet another day? No, it is already too late. Deathwing proved to be the stronger, the strongest foe. So here I am in Blasted Lands, waiting. Waiting for Deathwing to embrace me into his claws, sweeping me away into my last adventure.

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