Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Report on The Venture Co. PvP Event 21/11

This sunday we had a great pvp-event scheduled on my home-server, The Venture Co (EU). I hope anyone who plays on my server had a chance to be there. It was great fun and I want to give out big thanks to the guys and girls that made it happen. Hope to do it again soon!

The idea was to gather a horde force in Tarren Mill and an alliance force in Southshore and have an epic battle between the two factions in Hillsbrad. The event was arranged by a couple of rp-guilds on both the alliance and horde side, and eventhough I hardly ever rp, there was some interesting rp going on (I don't know the background to it all unfortunately, but I listened in on some of the conversations and enjoyed it).

The only problem is that there are more horde players than alliance players on TVC (at least I think so) and in any case there seem to be way more horde pvpers than alliance pvpers. We usually outnumber them greatly in most world-pvp events and Wintergrasp is rarely won by the alliance during regular play-hours. We tried to keep this in mind and wanted to have some fair play. No griefing or camping.

The horde group assembled well in time for the set start time. We had gathered a considerable amount of people in Tarren Mill some half hour before the event was actually set to start. People were anxious to get started, and there is always a problem with trying to keep them people in line that don't belong anywhere. I mean my guildleader can always just say ”do as I say or I wipe your dkp” and that usually gets people to listen. But there are always a couple of unguilded people that don't listen to anyone and they just do whatever they want or sometimes what everyone else is doing.

It makes me marvel at battlefield leaders of old. They had no ts or chat channels to communicate their commands and yet they managed to mostly keep track of way more people than were active during this pvp-event. Fascinating really. What I noticed is that you need a strong and decisive leader that quickly gives out orders. It is kind of like tanking only on a bigger scale. The longer people go without a standing order, the more likely it is that they'll wander off and do mischief.

We arrived to Southshore a little early, and unlike us the alliance had not gathered their forces at Southshore, but came flying in at around start time. At that time we, the horde, had already eagerly charged Southshore and killed the flight master. This left the alliance confused and I heard rumors that they had warned people from landing in Southshore since they'd only be killed at once. Most of us decided to fall back to the fork leading to Southshore to give them a chance to regroup. There is no fun in killing them off one by one as they land after all.

And we waited and waited, but no alliance came. Then we got reports that Tarren Mill was under attack. Those sneaksy alliances had abused our good will and sneaked behind our backs and attacked Tarren Mill while we were looking elsewhere! Maybe we deserved it. But we all ran there and quickly vanquished the poor alliance. Horde had gathered some 120ish people (we were at least 3 40man raids) and alliance couldn't have been much more than 50. Many people in our raid complained that there were no alliance to kill.

People started running back and forth between TM and SS to find more alliance to kill, but eventually the lust for blood could only be quenched by an all out attack on the alliance cities (where we hoped to find more people). So the order was given to charge to Ironforge, and people quickly ran off. About half way there we got the report that Alliance had finally gathered in Southshore, but there was no stopping the war-train heading for Ironforge.

 Well there we found no more alliance, so continued on to Stormwind. Stormwind was currently under an elemental invasion, and desperate for something to kill the entire Horde raid decided to at least kill the elementals, and as such doing the alliance a favor. After this the raid started crumbling, but we were still a considerable force travelling onward towards Darnassus and Exodar, getting For the Horde for the people that didn't have it yet. It's funny that in all the alliance cities I seriously didn't see more than some 10 alliance. Is the alliance side on TVC really that empty, or was it just bad luck?

In any case I had a wonderful evening and I really hope we can get something like this going again. Maybe a huge Gurubashi Arena brawl?


  1. /agree on an epic Gurubashi Arena brawl

  2. Ack I completely missed this! Looks like it was good fun, hope we get something going in the future. I wonder what new nooks and crannies we could get disputes going in after the Shattering?

    (^^ also from TVC EU)