Monday, November 15, 2010

Traveller's Guide to Sunwell Plateau

I went to SWP and all I got was this lousy post. Actually I got some tier 6 items for RP as well. I've never ever been to Sunwell Plateau actually. Back in BC when I raided with a 10-man guild I only heard vague stories about how awesomely difficult some bosses in SWP were. My guild managed to scrape 25 people together for SSC occasionally, but we never hoped to find enough good people for SWP, and we never did. The other day my current guild and I went there however for a little fun. The raid is easy nowadays of course, we were some 15 people of which most mainly ran around taking in the scenery or otherwise being useless (like me) and we had no trouble killing any of the bosses anyway. So if you're looking for a fun way to spend 30 minutes and haven't seen this raid before, I recommend getting some 10 friends together and check it out!

SWP looks just like Silvermoon City. Apparently Blizzard hadn't planned for releasing SWP, since BT really was supposed to be the final instance of BC (which is why it holds Illidan, the final antagonist of BC). But they needed something to keep peoples interest up before Wrath and so they implemented this instance. They made it really difficult to make sure people wouldn't bore too easily on it, forcing them to implement yet another unplanned raid instance.

That dragon looks out of place. And evil. It worked much like Halion with portals and stuff.

Outside the portals he is the pretty blue dragon Kalecgos.

Inside the portals he became a Dreadlord! No actually this is Sathrovarr the Corruptor who has turned the otherwise nice guy Kalecgos into a bad guy.

View through some sort of ice at a little event going on between two bosses beneath us. You eventually get to fight them both. Not at once fortunately.

Boss 1 - Brutallus

Boss 2, - Felmyst (originally Madrigosa) now in the pretty shape of a skeleton dragon.

The Eredar Twins (twins!!) were dreaded for being among the most horrible fights in SWP. They didn't put up much of a fight against us though! Apparently you used to be able to get different loots from them depending on the order they were killed, but when we killed them they seemed to drop everything.

M'uru also used to be really tough. There is something especially creepy about an evil piece of jewelry. Like something inspired from a Stephen King story.

Closing in on Kil'Jaeden. This will be interesting.

Can't get rid of those Fel Reavers anywhere it seems.

Kil'Jaeden is coming up through the floor in what is among the coolest bosses entrances I've ever seen. I wish I had been there when it really meant something. But it was still really cool.

He was a piece of cake though, but I can see that the fight must've been quite a challenge back in the days. Honestly I didn't understand much of what was going on, and I didn't have to it seems. I just enjoyed the scenery.

Hello there pretty. He looks angry.




I really liked the SWP instance. It was beautiful and held what seemed like fun and interesting bosses. Since most of them died before some of the ”tougher” mechanics set in I didn't get to see them in full, but like I said, it really makes me wish I had got to try it back in the days.


  1. Believe it or not, today - ok, yesterday in Germany - I visited SWP also for the first time. (Yeah, I'm serious, check out my achievements)
    Unfortunately WoW runs to slow and buggy since 4.0 on my mac, causing me to play on the lowest graphic resolution, forcing me, to miss all the great landscapes and graphics. Even the shiny-shinier-shiniest part was left out.

  2. I've never been to Sunwell! Nice picture tour/commentary through the place. :D I did also laugh at the Shiny. Shinier. Shiniest!

    My guild has also been doing old raids for fun, with 4-5 people, and some of the fight mechanics are super hard with that few people (like Vashj's core-tossing football game). We've found it refreshing, and actually basically as hard as ICC hardmodes, in a strategy rather than huge numbers sort of way.

  3. @Rades
    Yes I agree! Adding some challenge to the old raids, by not completely overpowering it, gives alot of extra flavor. If you want a challenge I recommend the Twin Emperors in Ahn'Qiraj 40. You don't need to be more than 4-5 people, but you need a pretty good tactic to pull it off!